Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Merry Month Of May?

"This should be called 'The Merry Month of May!'"
                                         - Lourd de Veyra, Filipino News Personality & Band Vocalist

Ar Tonelico III: Good or Bad?

Some say that AT3 wasn't really necessary. Some say it's still awesome because it's part of the AT series. But which is right? Don't worry, I'll keep this post as neutral as I can do. And sorry if it's AT2-sided somehow. I haven't played AT1. This is only my personal opinion.

The Good Side:

Qoga still retains the basic principles of reyvateil battles like in AT1 and AT2, but in 3D and a gameplay similar to the Tales series. The characters are cute and the game looks more challenging and real-time. The soundtrack is still as good as ever, especially the Side Blue (KOKIA and Akiko Shikata's songs). Some characters from the previous games return.

The Bad Side:

Some may find the Red Side and the OST quite annoying. I personally prefer the OST of AT2, because the melodies are catchy and more relaxing. AT3 BGMs seem to lack power. The overall game also seems to be like an "unnecessary extension" of the series, because of a less serious plot. And of course, not everyone will like the purge system, which makes the game more -- you know.

Some Differences:

A not-so-notable difference between AT3 and the previous games is the character and culture naming. AT3 is more "Japanized" than AT1 and AT2, especially with the names (Saki, Aoto, Tatsumi, Hikari Gojo).

My Opinion:

Regarding the purge system: well, it's Ar Tonelico after all. I mean, there's the Installs and Dualstalls too, right? And the Combo Magic in AT2. Overall, the AT series may have some innuendos but that's what makes it Ar Tonelico. What matters is the story, not those -- stuff.

Here's an example: Lady GaGa. Why do people still love her even with her over-decorated, seductive, and sacrilegious music videos? The answer is one word: "Art". There's a reason why nude paintings are considered "art". Specifically, the phrase "Art for Art's Sake" (as taught by my professor) means that you enjoy art for yourself regardless of what other people think.

Regarding the Hymmn Concerts: I know people love relaxing melodies and hate annoying melodies. But why are there people who love songs that include screaming, growling, and most of all, usage of different languages? It's just a matter of appreciation and the point of view of the listener. You don't say "I hate that singer", but you should say instead "I dislike that kind of music". And you can't hate something if you don't understand it well. For example, how can you hate Lady GaGa or Justin Bieber without knowing the reason behind their music careers?

The same concept with horror. If you don't know the reason why Sadako Yamamura comes out of the TV trying to kill everyone, if you don't know her story, then you'll get scared of her. But if you did, you would grab her hand and help her get over her psychological problems.

So here's my final advice: don't shoot an anime or a video game because you think it sucks. It wasn't made for a specific person only, it was made by the creators' will. Akira Tsuchiya gave birth to the AT series and we should respect his works just as we respect Akiko Shikata's works, even on her oldest works.

Again, this is only my personal opinion. If you don't agree with me, feel free to comment your inner rage back to my face so I can get a taste of meh.

Thank you and good day.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

I'll fly.

Yesterday, I tried to fly. But everything's still the same.
The endless cycle of dreams, the never-ending game.

Since I was a child, I dreamed of high blue skies.
Following Peter Pan on his way to the rise.

So I jumped, and jumped, until I can jump no more.
Look's like Neverland is unreachable after all.

But years have passed, and I gave it another try.
I imagine myself losing gravity, trying to fly.

But as every other dream ends, I always fail.
No matter how much effort, always a sinking sail.

Was I really meant to live in a fantasy-less world?
Just accepting scientific opinions and doing what I'm told?

I want to be free. I want to relax in the atmosphere.
But heaven is always pushing me down into the rear.

Listen to me, I won't stop or give it a rest.
Because I'm not satisfied until I give my best.

Someday, I will definitely soar into the sky
Or will I only achieve this dream after I die?

Kristel "Kazaki" Cuadra

Based from a real series of dreams.