Friday, April 29, 2011

Reyvateil Era.

Long time no post! Hahaha.
Here are some new topics to blog about.

Ar Tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica.

Because I love Akiko Shikata's works from the game itself, I've decided to buy the game and give it a shot. I turned out to be quite similar to Silhouette Mirage, Final Fantasy Series, and a mix of some dating-sim games, but more unique and addictive. In fact, almost all of the characters, themes and places there have references to some other media. Here are a few examples:

Lady Cloche & Luca = The characters from Kannazuki no Miko
Reisha = Looks like Beatrice from Umineko no Naku Koro ni, another series with Shikata's songs
Leglius & Amarie = Iruga & Judia from Ragnarok the Animation
Soope and PomPom monsters = Porings from the Ragnarok Games
2D Graphics, Different Paths and Voice Tests = Silhouette Mirage
Party Formation and Chibi Sprites = Tales of Legendia and other Tales series
Luca's Waitress/Bartender & Cherry Costume = Tazusa Sakurano of Ginban Kaleidoscope
Jean Ishikawa (Cloche's Song Magic) = Battler Ushiromiya of Umineko no Naku Koro ni
Mizune/No Problem (Luca's Song Magic) = Sadako Yamamura of Ringu/The Ring
Targanna = Clovis or Schneizel (I hope I got that right) from Code Geass
Croix = Slightly like Lelouch Lamperouge from Code Geass, due to being a "calm and cool" hero
Lady Cloche's 4th cosmosphere = Something to do with being Lady Gaga
Raki = Zohar from Silhouette Mirage
Nenesha = Tabby from .hack//ROOTS...well at least in her anime form

...and a lot more I haven't thought of yet. xD

So anyway, that's what I'm currently addicted to nowadays. I finished Luca's path and now I'm playing on Cloche's path. It's actually interesting that some of Cloche's experiences reflect on mine as well. And not just that, her songs are provided by Shikata. Now isn't that cool? =)

Willie Revillame's case with "Jan Jan", the awesome kid dancer.

Well...the show still isn't airing and our main man was filed a criminal case. I guess some people never learn how not to be a CRAB. Clearly, they didn't know that Jan Jan was going to do a bar dance, so how in the world could that be child abuse? Geez.

TV station wars these days really piss me off. This is why I don't watch TV that much anymore.

Lady GaGa's "Judas" single.

A controversial musician meets a controversial biblical figure, oh yeah. Well I did some research and examination of the lyrics. It's not really sacrilege; it's just Gaga repenting for her sins that she ran away from. The Judas in the song represents all of her bad stuff that she must now face, and that's why she wrote that song.

Music-wise, it's a good song, better than Alejandro. But it clearly has the same style as some other Gaga songs like Bad Romance, Poker Face, etc. The music video will premiere on May 1, according to some sources.

Well, it's just art, right? Just like Dan Brown's stuff if you know what I mean.

Official Website Updates.

I would like to announce that the website launch is near. In fact, some of my albums have been uploaded, but the site still needs to be organized. For the meantime, here are some of my works:

New Songs on YouTube.

I also have released some new songs on YouTube. Check them out. Here they are:



Sudden Addiction to ASH Forums.

Due to the Gold Member Requirement being "user must have 1000 posts or more", I suddenly got addicted in posting in the forums. And I'm so happy that I reached the point of being a Silver Member (500 posts or more). I would like to thank Phio-chan and of course, Akiko Shikata for the enthusiasm. And also Kyoki-san for the encouragement. =)

Job Opportunities.

I'm looking for internet/home-based writing jobs and music-related jobs. If anyone knows a good one, let me know. Thank you.

Shemusic releases "Make Me Real" single + b-side.

One of my favorite electronic/chiptune underground artists, Shemusic/Lain Trzaska has released a new single after nearly two years! I am so happy.

Royal Wedding of the Century: Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Whoops! Wrong picture! Hahaha.
Well...Lelouch IS from Britannia...right? xD

Anyway, I wish the real Royal Couple the best of everything, despite all nations overrating everything. LOL