Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cubase + Fight for Japan

First of all: Japan.

I choose not to watch TV, read news, or anything that will remind me of the tragedy in Japan. Seriously. Why not other countries? Filipinos, before you criticize Japan because of the Japanese Occupation during WW2, please take time to realize that they are human beings like us.

I mean, if you watch the news or hear from the radio, Japanese people are firm, strong, and disciplined people. When there's earthquakes and wreckage, they help each other. They don't take advantage of other people's stuff. They don't do crab mentality.

Unlike here in the Philippines, even the slightest fire accident has robbers. Talk about being double-crossed. Sheesh.

Well, enough of that. I know that our country has less than 10% chance of being a successful country, since almost every corner has corruption, taking advantage, and crab mentality. It'll probably stay that way forever. Unless the people realize their mistakes.

On to the next topic!

Second: The Journey to Cubase!

After a bunch of suggestions from our underground band friends, I've decided to try out Cubase for a change. Unlike FL Studio, you need to have intermediate skills for this software. But because I got used to MIDI sequencers like Jazz MIDI, I got the hang of it pretty well. And it's kind of like Reason too.

Okay, here's what I've noticed: the instruments are frickin' SUPERB, especially the orchestral ones. And well, I still have a lot to learn though. But even so, I'm currently working on an original song and a piano cover. The pianos there are just as awesome too.

Not to mention, CPU isn't much (I don't know yet for the synths xD).

And on Friday: CINDERELLA.=)

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