Friday, February 11, 2011

Awaken the Sarimanok! Nokia Auditions @ ABS...?!

Even we couldn't believe it. O_O

Yesterday (Feb. 10), we were invited for an audition in the Nokia Music Connection artist/musician search. One of my friends (Champ) submitted a video of our band CC Project online with only the intent of being featured on the site. But just a few days ago we were contacted by Nokia & Star Records that we were shortlisted for the contest (meaning we have the potential to make it in the eliminations). We were like...O________O!?

"Even just being invited in ABS-CBN for us is one big honor", we thought. And it's worth the experience too. Despite the many stupidities in Manila nowadays (carnapping, bombing, etc.), I'm thankful that God never abandoned us and made that day very special and happy for us.

Not to mention the celebs. Fooo!

We first saw Randy Santiago & John Estrada. Then Kiray. Then Jason Francisco, who thought I was a little kid (meeting Jason was the most hilarious part of the day). Our drummer Mycoh & Champ's best friend Fhil were taking pics with Jason but I wanted to join and he said "Hoy Bata! Ikaw ba?" (Hey kid, how 'bout you?) I laughed like an idiot...really. I hurriedly went to them and made a mistake by exiting in the entrance lane, not knowing there was an exit lane. That was one hell of an epic fail but it was the best! xD

Then other celebs passed by, such as VJ Chino, Jugs Jugueta, Maricar Reyes, etc., while we were waiting for one of the organizers to call us for audition. We were called around 4 pm.

The inside of the building was like a mall itself. It was like a dream. You see, my childhood dream was to be able to go to ABS-CBN. When I was a child, I even bought a map of Manila and looked for the different TV stations LOL.

The studio was awesome. The whole place was darn awesome. I expected for both the worst and the best as we walked right into that studio, knowing what happened to our "sister" band Emiline and my PGT Semi-Finalist idol Fame Flores. But I want to make a stand...for everyone who believes in their dreams.

Play List:
01 - Soundcheck
02 - Awaken by CC Project (original composition)
02 - Hope by Yuyoyuppe (cover)

Thank you very much to everyone. Star Records, Nokia, ABS-CBN and the organizers for letting us join the competition. My friends, especially Champ, who submitted the video online and got us stepping into Quezon City. And most of all, God, for everything that He has done to make us happy.

Till the next Hard Gay season fooo! :D

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