Sunday, December 5, 2010

Super Agitati Diary of FOOO! A beautiful Saturday.

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How in the world did you get hooked into Fairy Tail after watching Umineko no Naku Koro ni?

We have three (3) eras today.

  • Agigati / Makiko / Aji / Mace era - regarding Akiko Shikata's low-pitched voice and the song VII, enough said. xD
  • Cyber-Horror / Broken / KowareHitomi era - regarding Diary of Broken and the characters, as well as the face-breaking, eye-killing, horror-packed stuff. xD
  • Jelal Fernandes / Erza Scarlet / Ange Ushiromiya / Fairy Seagulls era - the bond between the two animes was the link of the Tower of Heaven to Battler and Beatrice's game. xD
So I met Akiko Shikata and her magnificent "voices". She can do three voices, one high pitched (her normal), a middle pitch (like an opera girl), and a low pitch (like a guy which is xD). Then there came "Of Faith" and "Inochinureta", and the rise of the Murasaki Immortals. And then the CCB Zerytes (zerytes are zombies with ghost-like powers) from "Diary of Broken" and other side stories. Don't forget Time-Traveler and Moku Beato! Painting craze fooo! Thanks Enverga Fine Arts for leaving those paintings behind...?!

After that, Umineko was finally spotted. And then Jessica X Kanon proves the Broken X Format theory? Not to mention the Beato X Batora stuff. So yeah I thought Fairy Tail was boring. Until the TOWER OF HEAVEN fooo! So okay...Jack Star look-a-like? Or does he remind me of Klas (Of Faith) and Aji/Eiji (Inochinureta) and yeah. Then there comes Maid-Sama as well. NO NOT THAT KIND OF...*click remote* xD

Sorry to say but Natsu's japanese voice is WAY better. Lucy reminds me of Nami (One Piece) or Elie (Rave). And yeah the one who made Rave is the same person who made Fairy Tail, so there. But Fairy Tail reminded me of my original story, Moon Angel...? AND YET the seiyuus (voice actors/actresses) connect. Daisuke Namikawa. Sayaka Oohara. Aya Hirano. Not to mention ITALY. Jelal's Axis Powers (Jelal's voice actor is Daisuke Namikawa, the one who voiced Italy in Hetalia Axis Powers). Akiko's VII and Katayoku no Tori (Songs have Italian words)i. Time-Traveler's crush who's like a mini-Edward Cullen (Vinci de Parda is Italian). AND BEATORICHE (Writes in Italian) HAHAHAHA! DX

But they all have a common theme right? KowareHitomi Zerytes (Go Erza) vs. SymbolEmbedded Immortals (Go Jelal)? NO I DID NOT STEAL ANYTHING LOSERS! Ahahaha wtf crazy mode. xD

So in short: Calling Calling.
Broken, Format, Debug/Time-Traveler, Null, Vinci - KOROSE YARU SONO ME WO...AHAHAHA! xD
Akiko, Aji/Eiji, Mace, Makiko, Minako, Azucena, Yukiko, Yuko, Murasaki-sama, Beatrice, Battler - AAAGITATI FOO! xD


Special Thanks. Sa pinsan kong si Katkat sa panonood namin ng Fairy Tail kapag weekends dito. Haha.

That's all for today. Thank you and have a Hard Gay Day ahead of you. FOOO! =)

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