Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A new era of Melancholia Risturiccia Kamote!

Here are a couple of songs I picked up from playing O2Mania. orz

O2 Rebirth Part 1: CG ERU/I'll never forget you Era
Eru - Because of Love
mommy - Forget
SHK - Soda Love
Wolf  - Bride in Dream RM
You was born to be loved (Acoustic Remake)
Cho Young Bi - Light (Age Hero OST)

O2 Rebirth Part 2: Zektbach/Majesty Era
Zektbach - Apocalypse ~Dirge of Swans~
Zektbach ft. Akiko Shikata - Raison D'etre
Cranky vs Pico - King
Cranky vs Pico - Queen
Lee Eun-Joo - You was born to be loved (original version)

Oh and don't spank me. Underground Korean composers in O2Jam were really my first (electronic and classical) influences, including Pory, SHK, BeautifulDay, etc. =)
Watch for these upcoming songs from me...=)

Singles & Remakes
King vs. Queen ~Ultima War~ [English/Instrumental]
Apocalypse (Ballad Remake) [English]
Apocalypse ~istiafreya~ [Sky Language]
IO_SONO_ELETTRONICA; [Italian/Japanese/English]
(some untitled song...) [Probably Japanese]
Like a G6 (Kazaki Electro-Trance Version) [English...and more...?] <-- ORDER YOUR KAMOTE STICK HERE! xD

Lost Utopia Act II [Instrumental/Various Languages]
Diary of Debug [Japanese]
Diary of Broken Drama CD Special [English] <-- OMG VOICE ACTING OH NOOOOES!! xD

Stories (Includes fanfiction and O2Jam Stories)

King vs. Queen (From Cranky and Pico's King and Queen)
--genre: Fantasy, Drama, Comedy, Medieval meets Present day
--summary: The epic 100-year old battle between a king and a queen from different houses/kingdoms is happening...between two high school students: a perfectionist guy and a selfish girl. Will the war end?
Kreatora (Original)
--genre: Fantasy, Drama
--summary: What would happen to you if your original story and characters suddenly came to your house and throw you a dinner party? This girl, a shy high school student, gets her life turned upside down -- the happy way. Or is it?

Miscellaneous Plans:
Make a PV of my original song, "The Everlasting Scenery".
Learn O2Jam Notecharting.
Learn a language that begins with "K". (Ang umangal panget! Mainstream pa kaya hindi muna ngayun orz.)


And that's it for now. From here on I don't know why my journal entries are now LISTS, LOL. But I like it better that way. THE HARD GAY KAMOTE WAY! =)

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