Monday, December 13, 2010


Christmas PARTY PARTY! Fooo! It was a waste though. I wanted the notebook. But oh well, I guess things come at the right place at the right time. So yeah.

Yesterday, I came across the Thai film "Shutter". Uhm so yeah, it actually had the same story as one of my original stories called "S.T.D." (Don't ask why that's the title xD). And so because of that (maybe I am missing some more Sadako clones xD), here's the list of Murder Saga / M-Series (my original stories that have something to do with murder, killing, supernatural, etc).

1991: Of Faith. Rachela Archeblud, Klas Sergefort, Helbe Sigreto. Location: Canada.
1995: 821. Joan Marquez. Location: Philippines.
1997: S.T.D. Maria Tachibana. Location: Japan.
2004: Spycam. Noriko Narusegawa, Shoutarou Hanabishi. Location: Japan.
2006: Curse of Growth. Stephen Cain, Rina Juves, Olga. Location: Enidouka (my original country, see back posts)
2008: Phantom Brothers. Lian, Shen. Location: Japan
2009: Inochinureta. Eiji Murakata/Aji, Minako Harukata, Kurumi Murasaki. Location: Japan.
2010(July): Hana no Kaze. Lilia Cress, Nathan Lorr. Location: Canada.
2010(September): Diary of Broken. Hibiki Kurobu/Broken, Mato Shimizu/Format, Muji Noritaka/Null. Location: Japan.
2010(November): Diary of Debug (story unfinished). Naoko Asahi/Debug/Time-Traveler, Vinci de Parda/Filter. Location: Japan.

Trivia (the stuff that Beato might say in RED):

Kurumi Murasaki, known as the Immortal Goddess, has the power to give anyone immortality. These immortals can also pass their immortality via blood transfusion. Current known and existing Murasaki Immortals include, Klas Sigreto, Eiji Murakata, Naoko Asahi and Minako Harukata (via Eiji).

CCB (Computer Connection Brigade) is a secret underground group of programmers from Kaizen University. They accept website projects and software projects as well.

CCB Zerytes (Zerytes are zombie-like humans who died and posess some ghost-like powers) has the ability called "Data Space Hack", which allows them to open and edit events in the real world, or dreams, or even memories of people by simply typing codes in a three-dimensional terminal screen which they can summon anytime. Broken, Format, Null, and Debug are all CCB Zerytes while Filter is a CCB Vampire.

The Phantom Brothers, Lian and Shen, make a cameo appearance in Inochinureta, because the two stories happened at the same location.

Hana no Kaze was based from Lunetia's "The Wind of Flowers".

Diary of Broken was based from a painting I saw in the Fine Arts bulletin board of our university (I keep repeating this LOL).

821's concept was created because of our subject Art Appreciation.

Blind Items (The Who):

1. He is actually 45 years old despite his appearance.
2. She is an orange-haired girl who also does time-travelling like Debug/Naoko, but spotted in a different story.
3. Despite from different stories, they are actually relatives (the first one is the aunt of the second one).
4. His girlfriend died frozen and looked like Format/Mato.
5. According to Eiji/Aji, this person's past reincarnation was a boy he helped during a war. He is now a CCB Zeryte.
6. She likes saying the phrase "Otanoshimini!" which means "Enjoy!".

Umineko no Naku Koro ni (Finished)Fairy Tail (Episode 48) - I wonder if I'll get to the part of "My Amnesia Jell." (Filipinos if you know what I mean ahaha).

So that's my random post for today. Thank you and spread the Jellal Fernandes Hard Gay YMCA! Fooo! xD

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