Thursday, November 11, 2010

Koware foo! New fandoms + Updates! =)

Akiko Shikata's vocal style

Here's my two newest songs inspired by Akiko Shikata!

Sora no Wata, Kieta Anata (You Disappeared in the Clouds)
-This song is written in Japanese and Lunaria (one of my original languages). "Sora no Wata" literally means "Sky Cotton" which refers to clouds. In this song, I experimented the technique of Akiko used in her song VII, where she sings in both high and low pitch. xD

Irs Ieeya (A Hope tha Exists)
-This song is written in Hymmnos, the language used in the Ar Tonelico games. This is also my comeback song after a long hard journey for our thesis stuff (almost 2-3 weeks without Facebook nor FL Studio xD).

Original languages...?

Yes, I have created (so far) 4 original languages: Enidoukan, Ravanian, Senphal and Lunaria. I'll be releasing details about them on my website launch. Please watch for it.

Here are some basic examples:ENI: Ekou ni Kimi kozai.RAV: Ilch ne Koz kch ulbri.SEN: Tizish muai ort. LUN: IKS IA LORUS.

They all mean: "This is my world".

Other Musical Updates?

We've had a bunch of hectic gig schedules this past week:
Oct. 23 (7PM) - Awaken/DCR Productions @ EU Gym
Oct. 23 (3PM) - Muziklaban auditions (We've been invited ._.)
Oct. 22 (7PM) - Sembreak for a Cause @ Old Mansion

Here's our song for the Awaken benefit concert:
CC Project - Awaken (via Facebook)

And congratulations to all the bands who participated on the events, and thank you very much to DCR productions for their desire to help!

There's also a possibility that our band, CC Project, will play at UP AME (but it's not sure yet). We're still contacting the organizers.

Fandoms and future plans?

Currently, I'm in the process of finishing a new concept album entitled "Diary of Broken". It will be composed of 5 tracks, under a psychedelic-like post-hardcore genre with a mix of neoclassical, J-rock, and experimental electronic. It was based from a drawing/painting I saw on our university's fine arts exhibit.

All I can say about the theme is: Happy Halloween!


And off to OJT for November foo! Good luck to us!

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