Sunday, November 28, 2010

Diary of Kazaki: Report 11-28-10

Okay...what a weird title. xD

Finished all of Umineko no Naku Koro ni!

So what's next? Maybe Fairy Tail. Sure at first I got bored with the first episodes of Fairy Tail, but when I accidentally watched the episodes involving Erza's past...I was like "oh yeah, now THIS is anime!". xD

My opinion about Umineko? It was one hell of an awesome anime, with its mind-bending mysteries. And the most "gorrific" of all that I've seen too. Although I didn't watch Higurashi (sorry I wasn't quite interested with harem-type anime shows), I enjoyed Umineko very much.

Gimme some updates about your OJT churvaness!

My coordinator at Ionics, Sir Charlie Gerodias of the IT Dept. not only gives me tasks, but also teaches me Autodesk Maya...OH YEAH! My dreams of turning fantasy into reality is actually within my hands. But like mother said, no single person has every awesomeness in anything. One good example is in "real life". =)

Music career?

Thanks God and Champie that I won the UP AME Anime Remix competition! I just recieved the prize yesterday and the certificate today.

My wining piece was this.

A re-arrangement of Akiko Shikata's "Katayoku no Tori", the OP for Umineko no Naku Koro ni. I did everything in that re-arrangement. =)

Any messages/shoutouts to your OC's and random people?

Okay okay! I love this part fooo!

To Akiko Shikata: Please make more songs using your low-pitched voice. IT'S SIMPLY EPIC. xD

To shemusic: Emit and Exude rocks! Please do more awesome brain-stimulating music! And a new album too! xD

To Yuyoyuppe, Hana-tan, Neko, Luschka and Meola: KEEP ON ROCKIN' GUYS! :D


To my OC's:

Broken - YOUR FACE IS SIMPLY EPIC FOO! (I have a lot to say but I'm speechless, just keep on protecting Format-oneesan) :D
Format - MY IDOOOOL! :D
Debug - *Maria Ushiromiya Accent* UU UU! xD
Null - Where's Tooru-kun?
Minako/Ena - I love your hair! xD
Murasaki-sama - Will there be a battle with your gang against Beethoven's?
Azucena, Mace & Yuko - MOAR MAZE GAMES for teh zerytes pweeze?
Kameh-san - You're gonna be a Beato of some sort in a new series? COOOL.
Jack, Chon, Arlyn and Mia - Get Maria Ushiromya do magic tricks and we'll have a slumber party. xD
Maria Tachibana & Klas-kun (he did not copy Jelal or Siegrain) - don't get too hot on each other...xD

And most importantly...

That's all for this post. Thank you for understanding my psycho-randomness. =)

"The only way to achieve the impossible is to believe that it can be done." -- Jelal
"Without love, magic cannot exist." -- Ange

Thursday, November 18, 2010

For the meantime...

On-The-Job Training @ Ionics

Well, here I am. IT Department, Plant 6, Ionics EMS, Inc., Cabuyao, Laguna. And yeah what a struggle to get used to going here and there and what not. But the good thing here is that aside from some computer-related jobs, I get some tutorials on 3D animation (Autodesk Maya 2008 oh yay) during my spare time (like today xD).

How about your music stuff?

I wish I had a laptop. For REAL. I miss my FL Studio, Reason 3.0, Audacity, and etc. I wonder if I could install such in this PC. Heheh. I still listen to the same kind of music though. And my special concept EP "Diary of Broken" is already finished, but I don't know when I can upload it yet. Five tracks based from the styles of Akiko Shikata, Yuyoyuppe and shemusic.

And now here are the cast of DOB to talk about the story of the concept EP. Heheh.

Inspired by our tragic story, Kazaki produced her first concept EP entitled "Diary of Broken". It's about love, revenge, sacrifice, face distortion, and most importantly, fighting for what you believe in. We hope that through this work, we can share our story throughout the world and people might learn from our mistakes and sacrifices. Please watch for the release of this EP, and we hope you will appreciate it. Thank you!


Any last words?

Advanced Merry Christmas and God bless to all. =)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Koware foo! New fandoms + Updates! =)

Akiko Shikata's vocal style

Here's my two newest songs inspired by Akiko Shikata!

Sora no Wata, Kieta Anata (You Disappeared in the Clouds)
-This song is written in Japanese and Lunaria (one of my original languages). "Sora no Wata" literally means "Sky Cotton" which refers to clouds. In this song, I experimented the technique of Akiko used in her song VII, where she sings in both high and low pitch. xD

Irs Ieeya (A Hope tha Exists)
-This song is written in Hymmnos, the language used in the Ar Tonelico games. This is also my comeback song after a long hard journey for our thesis stuff (almost 2-3 weeks without Facebook nor FL Studio xD).

Original languages...?

Yes, I have created (so far) 4 original languages: Enidoukan, Ravanian, Senphal and Lunaria. I'll be releasing details about them on my website launch. Please watch for it.

Here are some basic examples:ENI: Ekou ni Kimi kozai.RAV: Ilch ne Koz kch ulbri.SEN: Tizish muai ort. LUN: IKS IA LORUS.

They all mean: "This is my world".

Other Musical Updates?

We've had a bunch of hectic gig schedules this past week:
Oct. 23 (7PM) - Awaken/DCR Productions @ EU Gym
Oct. 23 (3PM) - Muziklaban auditions (We've been invited ._.)
Oct. 22 (7PM) - Sembreak for a Cause @ Old Mansion

Here's our song for the Awaken benefit concert:
CC Project - Awaken (via Facebook)

And congratulations to all the bands who participated on the events, and thank you very much to DCR productions for their desire to help!

There's also a possibility that our band, CC Project, will play at UP AME (but it's not sure yet). We're still contacting the organizers.

Fandoms and future plans?

Currently, I'm in the process of finishing a new concept album entitled "Diary of Broken". It will be composed of 5 tracks, under a psychedelic-like post-hardcore genre with a mix of neoclassical, J-rock, and experimental electronic. It was based from a drawing/painting I saw on our university's fine arts exhibit.

All I can say about the theme is: Happy Halloween!


And off to OJT for November foo! Good luck to us!