Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nakanaide... [Shikata Fandom yay!]

Well, these days I'm addicted to the music (and heavenly voice) of Akiko Shikata. For those who don't know her, she's a Japanese Neoclassical artist who did songs for the Ar Tonelico games, Tales of Symphonia and Umineko no Naku Koro ni. Apart from her dynamic gypsy-style compositions and wicked choruses, she also has the ability to sing in many different lanaguages, such as Italian, Greek, Hymmnos (the made up language of the Ar Tonelico games), and of course, Japanese. In short, she's like a Japanese Fame Flores. xD

I first discovered her from the song "Waterway~MIO", a song from the Ar Tonelico games, which I found on LimeWire long ago while browsing random Japanese songs. At first I thought she was just a composer, and I thought that the languages was Korean despite Akiko Shikata being a Japanese name. But I listened to it again one day and Googled the lyrics, which was actually Pastallia (a dialect of Hymmnos), that somehow looked like Jejemon with arithmetic symbols such as =, <, > and /.

Finally, I Googled Hymmnos. It turns out that Pastallia Hymmnos is actually very complex (even more than Jejemon xD). But the basic Hymmnos was pretty easy to learn.

And then the hype started. In this order:

Waterway ~MIO~ - first song I heard. Mentioned above.
- From the Ar Tonelico soundtracks
- Language: Pastallia Hymmnos

Navigatoria - beautiful. Maybe even more than Mamiko Noto's "Aizome" (originally by Savage Genius).
- From the album "Navigatoria"
- Language: Japanese

Katayoku no Tori - blew me away instantly from intro to chilly outro.
- From the single "Katayoku no Tori"
- Language: Italian, Japanese

Umineko no Naku Koro ni ~Rengoku~ - And yay for the guitar breakdown. Had me imagining a tragic musical.
- From the album "Harmonia"
- Language: Italian

Uta Oka ~Salavec Rhaplanca.~ - Like Clash of the Titans, only better.
- From the album "Harmonia"
- Language: Hymmnos, Japanese

Amnesia - very soothing, despite having standard J-pop form of arrangement.
- From the album "Harmonia"
- Language: Japanese

VII - Lower pitched voice (on the background) is so addictive (especially the instrumental version). SERIOUSLY. xD
- From the single "Katayoku no Tori"
- Language: Italian, Japanese

Aoiro Kandzume - almost like Amnesia, but Amnesia was better.
- From the album "Harmonia"
- Language: Japanese

Inori no Kanata - made me cry for God.
- From the single "Inori no Kanata"
- Languge: Japanese (the intro language I don't know yet)

- From the album "RAKA" (...I think)
- Languge: Italian?

...and many others.

From her pictures in the Katayoku no Tori single, it looks to me that she is Roman Catholic (based from her house style, the windows, as well as the lyrics of some of her songs).

Another plus from her is the ability to create complex vocal mixing and choruses, as if there are other singers on the track, but it's just her. IT'S JUST HER ON ALL OF THEM. (Pitching/downsampling perhaps? Interesting.)xD

SHE IS DEFINITELY AN ANGEL SENT BY GOD! I'm gonna die when I see her live. xD