Sunday, July 11, 2010

MeruPuri: Maerchen Prince!

Has anyone read this cute manga yet? Then I DARE YOU TO!! I promise, it will make you SQUEEE in your seat! xD

Meru Puri Manga - Read Meru Puri manga scans online.

Usually, anime with age progression-themes usually involve girls turning into adults. But this one is a cute boy prince! Hahahaha! Very cute.

Okay, here's my comments on the characters:

Airi - since her seiyuu (voice actor) is Fumiko Orikasa (the one who voiced Shirley from Code Geass), they share a lot of similarities such as having orange hair and being a HOPELESSLY OBSESSED ROMANTIC haha. Which is cute.

Aram - obviously the male half of the love team. Because of his brother's spell, he (who is around 12 years old) turns 17 whenever he's in a dark place. I was like... O: xDDDD

Jeile - Aram's brother...and resembles Gakupo Kamui! You'll see first that he looks like a nuisance, but he's really not. xD

Well, I don't wanna spoil, so go and read!

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