Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Wind of Flowers

Finally! Yuyoyuppe, Neko and Luschka (Hana-tan) collabed with each other to form an awesome Post-Hardcore/Progressive Japanese Rock band...THANK GOD! They also have a basist and a drummer. Their first song of their self-titled album is called "The Wind of Flowers", which is like a song for a deceased friend of theirs or something (as I listen to the lyrics).

And this gave me a cool idea for an original story. Nyeheheh. =)

Well, the C:\ reformat was somewhat okay, because I WAS planning to uninstall my tons of Vocaloid for the while that I'm not using it because of our dreadnought thesis. But I DO have to worry about getting another Microsoft Visual Studio installer. =(

By the way, our band CC Project are scheduled to play in a gig at Super Sound in Lucena City on August 19, 2010. We'll be playing four songs, including an original composition that we plan to make as our entry to an upcoming Edgefest. =)

At least even if my birthday yesterday was my last birthday as a kid (I'm 19 now xD), I'm still hoping that someday miracles WILL happen. Real miracles. Real magic. When time and space become connec- *falls off chair* ted. =)

Below is my favorite line of Lunetia's song to end this entry. Thanks for reading! =)

Here's your pen 
The moment you dropped it
And tried to pick up
You were gone
And we are here
Not to let them
Forget you. 


Sunday, July 11, 2010

MeruPuri: Maerchen Prince!

Has anyone read this cute manga yet? Then I DARE YOU TO!! I promise, it will make you SQUEEE in your seat! xD

Meru Puri Manga - Read Meru Puri manga scans online.

Usually, anime with age progression-themes usually involve girls turning into adults. But this one is a cute boy prince! Hahahaha! Very cute.

Okay, here's my comments on the characters:

Airi - since her seiyuu (voice actor) is Fumiko Orikasa (the one who voiced Shirley from Code Geass), they share a lot of similarities such as having orange hair and being a HOPELESSLY OBSESSED ROMANTIC haha. Which is cute.

Aram - obviously the male half of the love team. Because of his brother's spell, he (who is around 12 years old) turns 17 whenever he's in a dark place. I was like... O: xDDDD

Jeile - Aram's brother...and resembles Gakupo Kamui! You'll see first that he looks like a nuisance, but he's really not. xD

Well, I don't wanna spoil, so go and read!