Saturday, June 5, 2010

Updates Updates Updates!

Yuyoyuppe and Hana-tan

I've recently been hooked to their music. They are underground musicians in Japan. Yuyoyuppe produces Screamo music (and Vocaloid music too), while Hana-tan does covers (a.k.a. Utatte Mita in Nico Nico) of Vocaloid songs. The two recently collaborated for an album called "Misericordia", which features Hana's vocals and Yupe's compositions. If I were in Japan, I'd buy it! =)

Owl City's Writing Style

I've read his official blog and his Facebook stuff, and came to a really weird conclusion: he writes super randomly, as in "An Airplane Brought me to my Bed", or something like that. Very strange. Even his lyrics are like that. Well, respect is all I can =| say. Another songwriter I idolize with the use of random (and rare) English words is KOTOKO. =)

Fourth Year College

Yes! I'm almost at the finish line! Foooo! Sei sei sei! Guess I just have a bunch of unwanted faces in the classes I'll be (and it's annoying =|). For now, I'm just taking a short relaxation mode due to my previous summer classes.

Website Progress

Thanks to Champie, my website is going to be dynamic! I tested the admin portion and I feel like heaven! In fact, the initial design rocks too! Thanks for all your help Champie! =)

That's all I could think off now. Thanks! =)


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