Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lain Trzaska a.k.a. "she" - Electronic Music =)

she is a virtual band formed in 2003 by the artist Lain Trzaska, sometimes credited as shemusic or Pjat Lain. As its main producer, songwriter, and instrumentalist, Lain is the only official member of she but occasionally brings in vocalists to perform. [Wikipedia]

Please check this very cool artist out! Not only does his music rock, there are cool stories in his songs that make you daydream of nostalgic colors and cool stuff! A must listen for electronic/house/trance fans! =)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What Talent Search Competitions Should Be.

1.) Gather rare, hard-to-find, and unique talent.
- For example, if the country already have lots of singers and dancers, then they should look for something else.
2.) Never be bias in judging.
- They should not give in to temptations such as emotions, audience span, and ratings. They must focus as much as possible on the talent itself, not just his/her appearance and charisma.
3.) Lessen/abolish text voting.
- Simply because text voting can be manipulated as easy as Local/National elections. A lot of TV programs today tell and showcase mostly lies and will do anything for high ratings.
4.) Never brainwash the audience.
- The same as the bias thing. They should not influence the audience on what should be 'cool'. This is the biggest problem in Philippine mainstream/entertainment, and why Filipinos lose originality.
5.) Pick professionals as the program staff.
- Judges/hosts and the like must be professional and must not be just famous. They must possess real judging skills and the knowledge of different music genres, dancing styles, talent fields and skills, etc.

Question: Who are my favorite Pilipinas Got Talent contestants? (Including semi-finalists)

1. Fame Flores - Classical Singer. She sings not only from her heart but also to God. Don't misjudge her as the same kind of singer like Sarah Geronimo or Charice. Her genre and vocals are completely different from Diva Pop and Mainstream music. Its classical music. She mostly sings in a mixture of English and Latin, and she sings them well. And just like J-pop (I have experienced this also), not everyone appreciates her genre/style because people today are brainwashed with cheap mainstream music with dull melodies and senseless lyrics (always about romance =_= ). Personally, I feel her pain. She gave me an inspiring message on FB though. "God gave us individual talents for us to cherish. Just put God in your heart and you'll never become weak." Very inspiring, huh?

2. Jeline Oliva - Violin/Piano Player. And more than that, she plays 12 instruments at a very young age! In her grand finals performance, she performed "Flight of the Bumblebee" in Violin, Drums and Piano! Now where else in the Philippines could you find that super-ultra-mega-rare and world class talent? I wish her good luck despite not winning the grand finals, and I really bet she'll make millions of lives change.

3. Alakim - Professional Magician. According to Luis and Billy, he is part of an international magician club whose members include David Copperfield and David Blaine! And he proved that kind of honor is what he deserved as he made a mind-killing, heart-stopping, breath-taking teleport act in the grand finals! Oh God, if you saw it, you'll probably be unable to speak for quite a while. Despite not getting the spot in the finals, I believe he will be very successful, if not here, maybe abroad, just like all other Pinoy talents do (sadly).

4.) Luntayao Family - Singing Family. Okay, so at first I didn't like them. But when they sang in Tagalog (instead of Beyonce's "Listen"), that made a difference. They are truly a symbol of Filipino culture and talent. And they've got a really neat blending as a group of blood-related singers.

5.) Baguio Metamorphosis - Fusion Music Group Dancers. A fusion of belly dancing and hip-hop dance. Very elegant (and colorful!) costumes and superb moves. They should really go a long way with that kind of determination and beauty.

6.) Ruther Urquia - Ventriloquist (Puppeteer). It's very fun watching him! Although there was already someone like him in Talentadong Pinoy who made it to the grand finals, Ruther had his own way of pleasing the audience and at the same time, having fun himself by making puppets appear as if they are normal people.

7.) Big Mouth - Singer who also does Animal Mimicry. Okay, so at first I thought he was just another performer in a bizarre costume, but I was wrong. That horse sound from his mouth gave me the chills and made me wonder "is that really him? LOL". He made other animal sounds as well, like monkeys, birds, etc. Despite not making it to the grand finals like Fame, BM is one cool fella whose performance videos are already famous in other parts of the world!

8.) Reggie Ramirez - Double Character (doble-kara) singer. Voice-wise, his talent is not really something other doble-kara singers can do everyday. It's not really easy shifting from low pitch to high-pitch that easy (I can tell because I sing too). Despite not making it to the grand finals, I think he also deserves to be recognized by Filipinos and the world with his fun and creative way of entertainment.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! =)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Updates Updates Updates!

Yuyoyuppe and Hana-tan

I've recently been hooked to their music. They are underground musicians in Japan. Yuyoyuppe produces Screamo music (and Vocaloid music too), while Hana-tan does covers (a.k.a. Utatte Mita in Nico Nico) of Vocaloid songs. The two recently collaborated for an album called "Misericordia", which features Hana's vocals and Yupe's compositions. If I were in Japan, I'd buy it! =)

Owl City's Writing Style

I've read his official blog and his Facebook stuff, and came to a really weird conclusion: he writes super randomly, as in "An Airplane Brought me to my Bed", or something like that. Very strange. Even his lyrics are like that. Well, respect is all I can =| say. Another songwriter I idolize with the use of random (and rare) English words is KOTOKO. =)

Fourth Year College

Yes! I'm almost at the finish line! Foooo! Sei sei sei! Guess I just have a bunch of unwanted faces in the classes I'll be (and it's annoying =|). For now, I'm just taking a short relaxation mode due to my previous summer classes.

Website Progress

Thanks to Champie, my website is going to be dynamic! I tested the admin portion and I feel like heaven! In fact, the initial design rocks too! Thanks for all your help Champie! =)

That's all I could think off now. Thanks! =)