Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A new era of Melancholia Risturiccia Kamote!

Here are a couple of songs I picked up from playing O2Mania. orz

O2 Rebirth Part 1: CG ERU/I'll never forget you Era
Eru - Because of Love
mommy - Forget
SHK - Soda Love
Wolf  - Bride in Dream RM
You was born to be loved (Acoustic Remake)
Cho Young Bi - Light (Age Hero OST)

O2 Rebirth Part 2: Zektbach/Majesty Era
Zektbach - Apocalypse ~Dirge of Swans~
Zektbach ft. Akiko Shikata - Raison D'etre
Cranky vs Pico - King
Cranky vs Pico - Queen
Lee Eun-Joo - You was born to be loved (original version)

Oh and don't spank me. Underground Korean composers in O2Jam were really my first (electronic and classical) influences, including Pory, SHK, BeautifulDay, etc. =)
Watch for these upcoming songs from me...=)

Singles & Remakes
King vs. Queen ~Ultima War~ [English/Instrumental]
Apocalypse (Ballad Remake) [English]
Apocalypse ~istiafreya~ [Sky Language]
IO_SONO_ELETTRONICA; [Italian/Japanese/English]
(some untitled song...) [Probably Japanese]
Like a G6 (Kazaki Electro-Trance Version) [English...and more...?] <-- ORDER YOUR KAMOTE STICK HERE! xD

Lost Utopia Act II [Instrumental/Various Languages]
Diary of Debug [Japanese]
Diary of Broken Drama CD Special [English] <-- OMG VOICE ACTING OH NOOOOES!! xD

Stories (Includes fanfiction and O2Jam Stories)

King vs. Queen (From Cranky and Pico's King and Queen)
--genre: Fantasy, Drama, Comedy, Medieval meets Present day
--summary: The epic 100-year old battle between a king and a queen from different houses/kingdoms is happening...between two high school students: a perfectionist guy and a selfish girl. Will the war end?
Kreatora (Original)
--genre: Fantasy, Drama
--summary: What would happen to you if your original story and characters suddenly came to your house and throw you a dinner party? This girl, a shy high school student, gets her life turned upside down -- the happy way. Or is it?

Miscellaneous Plans:
Make a PV of my original song, "The Everlasting Scenery".
Learn O2Jam Notecharting.
Learn a language that begins with "K". (Ang umangal panget! Mainstream pa kaya hindi muna ngayun orz.)


And that's it for now. From here on I don't know why my journal entries are now LISTS, LOL. But I like it better that way. THE HARD GAY KAMOTE WAY! =)

Monday, December 13, 2010


Christmas PARTY PARTY! Fooo! It was a waste though. I wanted the notebook. But oh well, I guess things come at the right place at the right time. So yeah.

Yesterday, I came across the Thai film "Shutter". Uhm so yeah, it actually had the same story as one of my original stories called "S.T.D." (Don't ask why that's the title xD). And so because of that (maybe I am missing some more Sadako clones xD), here's the list of Murder Saga / M-Series (my original stories that have something to do with murder, killing, supernatural, etc).

1991: Of Faith. Rachela Archeblud, Klas Sergefort, Helbe Sigreto. Location: Canada.
1995: 821. Joan Marquez. Location: Philippines.
1997: S.T.D. Maria Tachibana. Location: Japan.
2004: Spycam. Noriko Narusegawa, Shoutarou Hanabishi. Location: Japan.
2006: Curse of Growth. Stephen Cain, Rina Juves, Olga. Location: Enidouka (my original country, see back posts)
2008: Phantom Brothers. Lian, Shen. Location: Japan
2009: Inochinureta. Eiji Murakata/Aji, Minako Harukata, Kurumi Murasaki. Location: Japan.
2010(July): Hana no Kaze. Lilia Cress, Nathan Lorr. Location: Canada.
2010(September): Diary of Broken. Hibiki Kurobu/Broken, Mato Shimizu/Format, Muji Noritaka/Null. Location: Japan.
2010(November): Diary of Debug (story unfinished). Naoko Asahi/Debug/Time-Traveler, Vinci de Parda/Filter. Location: Japan.

Trivia (the stuff that Beato might say in RED):

Kurumi Murasaki, known as the Immortal Goddess, has the power to give anyone immortality. These immortals can also pass their immortality via blood transfusion. Current known and existing Murasaki Immortals include, Klas Sigreto, Eiji Murakata, Naoko Asahi and Minako Harukata (via Eiji).

CCB (Computer Connection Brigade) is a secret underground group of programmers from Kaizen University. They accept website projects and software projects as well.

CCB Zerytes (Zerytes are zombie-like humans who died and posess some ghost-like powers) has the ability called "Data Space Hack", which allows them to open and edit events in the real world, or dreams, or even memories of people by simply typing codes in a three-dimensional terminal screen which they can summon anytime. Broken, Format, Null, and Debug are all CCB Zerytes while Filter is a CCB Vampire.

The Phantom Brothers, Lian and Shen, make a cameo appearance in Inochinureta, because the two stories happened at the same location.

Hana no Kaze was based from Lunetia's "The Wind of Flowers".

Diary of Broken was based from a painting I saw in the Fine Arts bulletin board of our university (I keep repeating this LOL).

821's concept was created because of our subject Art Appreciation.

Blind Items (The Who):

1. He is actually 45 years old despite his appearance.
2. She is an orange-haired girl who also does time-travelling like Debug/Naoko, but spotted in a different story.
3. Despite from different stories, they are actually relatives (the first one is the aunt of the second one).
4. His girlfriend died frozen and looked like Format/Mato.
5. According to Eiji/Aji, this person's past reincarnation was a boy he helped during a war. He is now a CCB Zeryte.
6. She likes saying the phrase "Otanoshimini!" which means "Enjoy!".

Umineko no Naku Koro ni (Finished)Fairy Tail (Episode 48) - I wonder if I'll get to the part of "My Amnesia Jell." (Filipinos if you know what I mean ahaha).

So that's my random post for today. Thank you and spread the Jellal Fernandes Hard Gay YMCA! Fooo! xD

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Super Agitati Diary of FOOO! A beautiful Saturday.

toIexcivi nikijiSzyo FOOO! ioFlamsidAzatarn.

How in the world did you get hooked into Fairy Tail after watching Umineko no Naku Koro ni?

We have three (3) eras today.

  • Agigati / Makiko / Aji / Mace era - regarding Akiko Shikata's low-pitched voice and the song VII, enough said. xD
  • Cyber-Horror / Broken / KowareHitomi era - regarding Diary of Broken and the characters, as well as the face-breaking, eye-killing, horror-packed stuff. xD
  • Jelal Fernandes / Erza Scarlet / Ange Ushiromiya / Fairy Seagulls era - the bond between the two animes was the link of the Tower of Heaven to Battler and Beatrice's game. xD
So I met Akiko Shikata and her magnificent "voices". She can do three voices, one high pitched (her normal), a middle pitch (like an opera girl), and a low pitch (like a guy which is xD). Then there came "Of Faith" and "Inochinureta", and the rise of the Murasaki Immortals. And then the CCB Zerytes (zerytes are zombies with ghost-like powers) from "Diary of Broken" and other side stories. Don't forget Time-Traveler and Moku Beato! Painting craze fooo! Thanks Enverga Fine Arts for leaving those paintings behind...?!

After that, Umineko was finally spotted. And then Jessica X Kanon proves the Broken X Format theory? Not to mention the Beato X Batora stuff. So yeah I thought Fairy Tail was boring. Until the TOWER OF HEAVEN fooo! So okay...Jack Star look-a-like? Or does he remind me of Klas (Of Faith) and Aji/Eiji (Inochinureta) and yeah. Then there comes Maid-Sama as well. NO NOT THAT KIND OF...*click remote* xD

Sorry to say but Natsu's japanese voice is WAY better. Lucy reminds me of Nami (One Piece) or Elie (Rave). And yeah the one who made Rave is the same person who made Fairy Tail, so there. But Fairy Tail reminded me of my original story, Moon Angel...? AND YET the seiyuus (voice actors/actresses) connect. Daisuke Namikawa. Sayaka Oohara. Aya Hirano. Not to mention ITALY. Jelal's Axis Powers (Jelal's voice actor is Daisuke Namikawa, the one who voiced Italy in Hetalia Axis Powers). Akiko's VII and Katayoku no Tori (Songs have Italian words)i. Time-Traveler's crush who's like a mini-Edward Cullen (Vinci de Parda is Italian). AND BEATORICHE (Writes in Italian) HAHAHAHA! DX

But they all have a common theme right? KowareHitomi Zerytes (Go Erza) vs. SymbolEmbedded Immortals (Go Jelal)? NO I DID NOT STEAL ANYTHING LOSERS! Ahahaha wtf crazy mode. xD

So in short: Calling Calling.
Broken, Format, Debug/Time-Traveler, Null, Vinci - KOROSE YARU SONO ME WO...AHAHAHA! xD
Akiko, Aji/Eiji, Mace, Makiko, Minako, Azucena, Yukiko, Yuko, Murasaki-sama, Beatrice, Battler - AAAGITATI FOO! xD


Special Thanks. Sa pinsan kong si Katkat sa panonood namin ng Fairy Tail kapag weekends dito. Haha.

That's all for today. Thank you and have a Hard Gay Day ahead of you. FOOO! =)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Diary of Kazaki: Report 11-28-10

Okay...what a weird title. xD

Finished all of Umineko no Naku Koro ni!

So what's next? Maybe Fairy Tail. Sure at first I got bored with the first episodes of Fairy Tail, but when I accidentally watched the episodes involving Erza's past...I was like "oh yeah, now THIS is anime!". xD

My opinion about Umineko? It was one hell of an awesome anime, with its mind-bending mysteries. And the most "gorrific" of all that I've seen too. Although I didn't watch Higurashi (sorry I wasn't quite interested with harem-type anime shows), I enjoyed Umineko very much.

Gimme some updates about your OJT churvaness!

My coordinator at Ionics, Sir Charlie Gerodias of the IT Dept. not only gives me tasks, but also teaches me Autodesk Maya...OH YEAH! My dreams of turning fantasy into reality is actually within my hands. But like mother said, no single person has every awesomeness in anything. One good example is in "real life". =)

Music career?

Thanks God and Champie that I won the UP AME Anime Remix competition! I just recieved the prize yesterday and the certificate today.

My wining piece was this.

A re-arrangement of Akiko Shikata's "Katayoku no Tori", the OP for Umineko no Naku Koro ni. I did everything in that re-arrangement. =)

Any messages/shoutouts to your OC's and random people?

Okay okay! I love this part fooo!

To Akiko Shikata: Please make more songs using your low-pitched voice. IT'S SIMPLY EPIC. xD

To shemusic: Emit and Exude rocks! Please do more awesome brain-stimulating music! And a new album too! xD

To Yuyoyuppe, Hana-tan, Neko, Luschka and Meola: KEEP ON ROCKIN' GUYS! :D


To my OC's:

Broken - YOUR FACE IS SIMPLY EPIC FOO! (I have a lot to say but I'm speechless, just keep on protecting Format-oneesan) :D
Format - MY IDOOOOL! :D
Debug - *Maria Ushiromiya Accent* UU UU! xD
Null - Where's Tooru-kun?
Minako/Ena - I love your hair! xD
Murasaki-sama - Will there be a battle with your gang against Beethoven's?
Azucena, Mace & Yuko - MOAR MAZE GAMES for teh zerytes pweeze?
Kameh-san - You're gonna be a Beato of some sort in a new series? COOOL.
Jack, Chon, Arlyn and Mia - Get Maria Ushiromya do magic tricks and we'll have a slumber party. xD
Maria Tachibana & Klas-kun (he did not copy Jelal or Siegrain) - don't get too hot on each other...xD

And most importantly...

That's all for this post. Thank you for understanding my psycho-randomness. =)

"The only way to achieve the impossible is to believe that it can be done." -- Jelal
"Without love, magic cannot exist." -- Ange

Thursday, November 18, 2010

For the meantime...

On-The-Job Training @ Ionics

Well, here I am. IT Department, Plant 6, Ionics EMS, Inc., Cabuyao, Laguna. And yeah what a struggle to get used to going here and there and what not. But the good thing here is that aside from some computer-related jobs, I get some tutorials on 3D animation (Autodesk Maya 2008 oh yay) during my spare time (like today xD).

How about your music stuff?

I wish I had a laptop. For REAL. I miss my FL Studio, Reason 3.0, Audacity, and etc. I wonder if I could install such in this PC. Heheh. I still listen to the same kind of music though. And my special concept EP "Diary of Broken" is already finished, but I don't know when I can upload it yet. Five tracks based from the styles of Akiko Shikata, Yuyoyuppe and shemusic.

And now here are the cast of DOB to talk about the story of the concept EP. Heheh.

Inspired by our tragic story, Kazaki produced her first concept EP entitled "Diary of Broken". It's about love, revenge, sacrifice, face distortion, and most importantly, fighting for what you believe in. We hope that through this work, we can share our story throughout the world and people might learn from our mistakes and sacrifices. Please watch for the release of this EP, and we hope you will appreciate it. Thank you!


Any last words?

Advanced Merry Christmas and God bless to all. =)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Koware foo! New fandoms + Updates! =)

Akiko Shikata's vocal style

Here's my two newest songs inspired by Akiko Shikata!

Sora no Wata, Kieta Anata (You Disappeared in the Clouds)
-This song is written in Japanese and Lunaria (one of my original languages). "Sora no Wata" literally means "Sky Cotton" which refers to clouds. In this song, I experimented the technique of Akiko used in her song VII, where she sings in both high and low pitch. xD

Irs Ieeya (A Hope tha Exists)
-This song is written in Hymmnos, the language used in the Ar Tonelico games. This is also my comeback song after a long hard journey for our thesis stuff (almost 2-3 weeks without Facebook nor FL Studio xD).

Original languages...?

Yes, I have created (so far) 4 original languages: Enidoukan, Ravanian, Senphal and Lunaria. I'll be releasing details about them on my website launch. Please watch for it.

Here are some basic examples:ENI: Ekou ni Kimi kozai.RAV: Ilch ne Koz kch ulbri.SEN: Tizish muai ort. LUN: IKS IA LORUS.

They all mean: "This is my world".

Other Musical Updates?

We've had a bunch of hectic gig schedules this past week:
Oct. 23 (7PM) - Awaken/DCR Productions @ EU Gym
Oct. 23 (3PM) - Muziklaban auditions (We've been invited ._.)
Oct. 22 (7PM) - Sembreak for a Cause @ Old Mansion

Here's our song for the Awaken benefit concert:
CC Project - Awaken (via Facebook)

And congratulations to all the bands who participated on the events, and thank you very much to DCR productions for their desire to help!

There's also a possibility that our band, CC Project, will play at UP AME (but it's not sure yet). We're still contacting the organizers.

Fandoms and future plans?

Currently, I'm in the process of finishing a new concept album entitled "Diary of Broken". It will be composed of 5 tracks, under a psychedelic-like post-hardcore genre with a mix of neoclassical, J-rock, and experimental electronic. It was based from a drawing/painting I saw on our university's fine arts exhibit.

All I can say about the theme is: Happy Halloween!


And off to OJT for November foo! Good luck to us!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nakanaide... [Shikata Fandom yay!]

Well, these days I'm addicted to the music (and heavenly voice) of Akiko Shikata. For those who don't know her, she's a Japanese Neoclassical artist who did songs for the Ar Tonelico games, Tales of Symphonia and Umineko no Naku Koro ni. Apart from her dynamic gypsy-style compositions and wicked choruses, she also has the ability to sing in many different lanaguages, such as Italian, Greek, Hymmnos (the made up language of the Ar Tonelico games), and of course, Japanese. In short, she's like a Japanese Fame Flores. xD

I first discovered her from the song "Waterway~MIO", a song from the Ar Tonelico games, which I found on LimeWire long ago while browsing random Japanese songs. At first I thought she was just a composer, and I thought that the languages was Korean despite Akiko Shikata being a Japanese name. But I listened to it again one day and Googled the lyrics, which was actually Pastallia (a dialect of Hymmnos), that somehow looked like Jejemon with arithmetic symbols such as =, <, > and /.

Finally, I Googled Hymmnos. It turns out that Pastallia Hymmnos is actually very complex (even more than Jejemon xD). But the basic Hymmnos was pretty easy to learn.

And then the hype started. In this order:

Waterway ~MIO~ - first song I heard. Mentioned above.
- From the Ar Tonelico soundtracks
- Language: Pastallia Hymmnos

Navigatoria - beautiful. Maybe even more than Mamiko Noto's "Aizome" (originally by Savage Genius).
- From the album "Navigatoria"
- Language: Japanese

Katayoku no Tori - blew me away instantly from intro to chilly outro.
- From the single "Katayoku no Tori"
- Language: Italian, Japanese

Umineko no Naku Koro ni ~Rengoku~ - And yay for the guitar breakdown. Had me imagining a tragic musical.
- From the album "Harmonia"
- Language: Italian

Uta Oka ~Salavec Rhaplanca.~ - Like Clash of the Titans, only better.
- From the album "Harmonia"
- Language: Hymmnos, Japanese

Amnesia - very soothing, despite having standard J-pop form of arrangement.
- From the album "Harmonia"
- Language: Japanese

VII - Lower pitched voice (on the background) is so addictive (especially the instrumental version). SERIOUSLY. xD
- From the single "Katayoku no Tori"
- Language: Italian, Japanese

Aoiro Kandzume - almost like Amnesia, but Amnesia was better.
- From the album "Harmonia"
- Language: Japanese

Inori no Kanata - made me cry for God.
- From the single "Inori no Kanata"
- Languge: Japanese (the intro language I don't know yet)

- From the album "RAKA" (...I think)
- Languge: Italian?

...and many others.

From her pictures in the Katayoku no Tori single, it looks to me that she is Roman Catholic (based from her house style, the windows, as well as the lyrics of some of her songs).

Another plus from her is the ability to create complex vocal mixing and choruses, as if there are other singers on the track, but it's just her. IT'S JUST HER ON ALL OF THEM. (Pitching/downsampling perhaps? Interesting.)xD

SHE IS DEFINITELY AN ANGEL SENT BY GOD! I'm gonna die when I see her live. xD

Monday, August 9, 2010

Things Worth Blogging For. DX


Okay, so our 50% software thesis is quite done, we're off to some XML learning and figuring out how to design the dance game. It's gonna be a tough job, really.


These particularly refer to some songs that I haven't heard of for a very long time and probably still on my files, because I got tired of it or it didn't sound that good back then. That term can also be used to refer to my "randomly-downloaded-songs" from famous artists. Here are a bunch of wild card songs on my list:

Akiko Shikata - Waterway~MIO
Charice Pempengco - Note to God
Miku Hatsune - Romeo & Cinderella
nao.paradigm - Tolerance


Yes, I do. If you check out my YouTube account, I have uploaded another new song called "Utopia", which is to be played by our band, CC Project. And another update on the August 19 gig, we'll also sing Lunetia's "The Wind of Flowers" which is going to be a collab with Fhil of Martyrdoom of Maya and Renz of Emiline...and Champ will sing! Fooo! Oh God I hope I can keep up with their voices. xD

Oh and I have some stuff to add to my song projects:
Lost Utopia - a mini-concept-surreal album (finished)
Tragic 4 Experiments - a character collection album (planning stage)
A Trip to Enidouka / A Voyage to Ravania - double mini-concept albums (planning stage)


I simply can't believe my ears that someone like Akiko-san can compose like that! O:
Simply speechless. xD


Not much. PC was reformatted so all my Vocaloids are gone (except for the backup installers xD). I've decided to just install Miku, Luka and Kaito after our thesis to make things better.


MARTYS CRACKLIN! FOOOO! Seriously. Then bacon, seafood pancit, chami at Kojima...ahh the life. xD


Mariel and Robin? Haha, sounds like Pia and Vic, LOLS. And I wonder if Sarah was the one kidnapped and... *dirty thoughts* ahahaha, just kidding xD. Seriously, I really don't like to watch TV that much anymore (mostly local channels) because it's like watching a DVD over and over again. :D

That's it for now! Super HG Foooo! *gotta eat naooo* =)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Wind of Flowers

Finally! Yuyoyuppe, Neko and Luschka (Hana-tan) collabed with each other to form an awesome Post-Hardcore/Progressive Japanese Rock band...THANK GOD! They also have a basist and a drummer. Their first song of their self-titled album is called "The Wind of Flowers", which is like a song for a deceased friend of theirs or something (as I listen to the lyrics).

And this gave me a cool idea for an original story. Nyeheheh. =)

Well, the C:\ reformat was somewhat okay, because I WAS planning to uninstall my tons of Vocaloid for the while that I'm not using it because of our dreadnought thesis. But I DO have to worry about getting another Microsoft Visual Studio installer. =(

By the way, our band CC Project are scheduled to play in a gig at Super Sound in Lucena City on August 19, 2010. We'll be playing four songs, including an original composition that we plan to make as our entry to an upcoming Edgefest. =)

At least even if my birthday yesterday was my last birthday as a kid (I'm 19 now xD), I'm still hoping that someday miracles WILL happen. Real miracles. Real magic. When time and space become connec- *falls off chair* ted. =)

Below is my favorite line of Lunetia's song to end this entry. Thanks for reading! =)

Here's your pen 
The moment you dropped it
And tried to pick up
You were gone
And we are here
Not to let them
Forget you. 


Sunday, July 11, 2010

MeruPuri: Maerchen Prince!

Has anyone read this cute manga yet? Then I DARE YOU TO!! I promise, it will make you SQUEEE in your seat! xD

Meru Puri Manga - Read Meru Puri manga scans online.

Usually, anime with age progression-themes usually involve girls turning into adults. But this one is a cute boy prince! Hahahaha! Very cute.

Okay, here's my comments on the characters:

Airi - since her seiyuu (voice actor) is Fumiko Orikasa (the one who voiced Shirley from Code Geass), they share a lot of similarities such as having orange hair and being a HOPELESSLY OBSESSED ROMANTIC haha. Which is cute.

Aram - obviously the male half of the love team. Because of his brother's spell, he (who is around 12 years old) turns 17 whenever he's in a dark place. I was like... O: xDDDD

Jeile - Aram's brother...and resembles Gakupo Kamui! You'll see first that he looks like a nuisance, but he's really not. xD

Well, I don't wanna spoil, so go and read!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lain Trzaska a.k.a. "she" - Electronic Music =)

she is a virtual band formed in 2003 by the artist Lain Trzaska, sometimes credited as shemusic or Pjat Lain. As its main producer, songwriter, and instrumentalist, Lain is the only official member of she but occasionally brings in vocalists to perform. [Wikipedia]

Please check this very cool artist out! Not only does his music rock, there are cool stories in his songs that make you daydream of nostalgic colors and cool stuff! A must listen for electronic/house/trance fans! =)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What Talent Search Competitions Should Be.

1.) Gather rare, hard-to-find, and unique talent.
- For example, if the country already have lots of singers and dancers, then they should look for something else.
2.) Never be bias in judging.
- They should not give in to temptations such as emotions, audience span, and ratings. They must focus as much as possible on the talent itself, not just his/her appearance and charisma.
3.) Lessen/abolish text voting.
- Simply because text voting can be manipulated as easy as Local/National elections. A lot of TV programs today tell and showcase mostly lies and will do anything for high ratings.
4.) Never brainwash the audience.
- The same as the bias thing. They should not influence the audience on what should be 'cool'. This is the biggest problem in Philippine mainstream/entertainment, and why Filipinos lose originality.
5.) Pick professionals as the program staff.
- Judges/hosts and the like must be professional and must not be just famous. They must possess real judging skills and the knowledge of different music genres, dancing styles, talent fields and skills, etc.

Question: Who are my favorite Pilipinas Got Talent contestants? (Including semi-finalists)

1. Fame Flores - Classical Singer. She sings not only from her heart but also to God. Don't misjudge her as the same kind of singer like Sarah Geronimo or Charice. Her genre and vocals are completely different from Diva Pop and Mainstream music. Its classical music. She mostly sings in a mixture of English and Latin, and she sings them well. And just like J-pop (I have experienced this also), not everyone appreciates her genre/style because people today are brainwashed with cheap mainstream music with dull melodies and senseless lyrics (always about romance =_= ). Personally, I feel her pain. She gave me an inspiring message on FB though. "God gave us individual talents for us to cherish. Just put God in your heart and you'll never become weak." Very inspiring, huh?

2. Jeline Oliva - Violin/Piano Player. And more than that, she plays 12 instruments at a very young age! In her grand finals performance, she performed "Flight of the Bumblebee" in Violin, Drums and Piano! Now where else in the Philippines could you find that super-ultra-mega-rare and world class talent? I wish her good luck despite not winning the grand finals, and I really bet she'll make millions of lives change.

3. Alakim - Professional Magician. According to Luis and Billy, he is part of an international magician club whose members include David Copperfield and David Blaine! And he proved that kind of honor is what he deserved as he made a mind-killing, heart-stopping, breath-taking teleport act in the grand finals! Oh God, if you saw it, you'll probably be unable to speak for quite a while. Despite not getting the spot in the finals, I believe he will be very successful, if not here, maybe abroad, just like all other Pinoy talents do (sadly).

4.) Luntayao Family - Singing Family. Okay, so at first I didn't like them. But when they sang in Tagalog (instead of Beyonce's "Listen"), that made a difference. They are truly a symbol of Filipino culture and talent. And they've got a really neat blending as a group of blood-related singers.

5.) Baguio Metamorphosis - Fusion Music Group Dancers. A fusion of belly dancing and hip-hop dance. Very elegant (and colorful!) costumes and superb moves. They should really go a long way with that kind of determination and beauty.

6.) Ruther Urquia - Ventriloquist (Puppeteer). It's very fun watching him! Although there was already someone like him in Talentadong Pinoy who made it to the grand finals, Ruther had his own way of pleasing the audience and at the same time, having fun himself by making puppets appear as if they are normal people.

7.) Big Mouth - Singer who also does Animal Mimicry. Okay, so at first I thought he was just another performer in a bizarre costume, but I was wrong. That horse sound from his mouth gave me the chills and made me wonder "is that really him? LOL". He made other animal sounds as well, like monkeys, birds, etc. Despite not making it to the grand finals like Fame, BM is one cool fella whose performance videos are already famous in other parts of the world!

8.) Reggie Ramirez - Double Character (doble-kara) singer. Voice-wise, his talent is not really something other doble-kara singers can do everyday. It's not really easy shifting from low pitch to high-pitch that easy (I can tell because I sing too). Despite not making it to the grand finals, I think he also deserves to be recognized by Filipinos and the world with his fun and creative way of entertainment.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! =)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Updates Updates Updates!

Yuyoyuppe and Hana-tan

I've recently been hooked to their music. They are underground musicians in Japan. Yuyoyuppe produces Screamo music (and Vocaloid music too), while Hana-tan does covers (a.k.a. Utatte Mita in Nico Nico) of Vocaloid songs. The two recently collaborated for an album called "Misericordia", which features Hana's vocals and Yupe's compositions. If I were in Japan, I'd buy it! =)

Owl City's Writing Style

I've read his official blog and his Facebook stuff, and came to a really weird conclusion: he writes super randomly, as in "An Airplane Brought me to my Bed", or something like that. Very strange. Even his lyrics are like that. Well, respect is all I can =| say. Another songwriter I idolize with the use of random (and rare) English words is KOTOKO. =)

Fourth Year College

Yes! I'm almost at the finish line! Foooo! Sei sei sei! Guess I just have a bunch of unwanted faces in the classes I'll be (and it's annoying =|). For now, I'm just taking a short relaxation mode due to my previous summer classes.

Website Progress

Thanks to Champie, my website is going to be dynamic! I tested the admin portion and I feel like heaven! In fact, the initial design rocks too! Thanks for all your help Champie! =)

That's all I could think off now. Thanks! =)


Monday, May 17, 2010

For A Dead Gov +

Today, May 17, 2010, around 3-4 PM, Gov. Rafael P. Nantes (of Quezon Province) died along with some escorts in a helicopter crash in PleasantVille Subdivision, Iyam, Lucena City, Quezon Province, Philippines.

We saw the huge smoke that almost covered the sky, and some even saw the helicopter before it crash-landed on the houses and burned like hell. It was very awful. =(

It very much reminded me of the plane crash in this anime. Oh God...what went wrong? T_T

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ahon Pilipinas! Original story

Ahon Pilipinas
by Kristel "Kazaki" Cuadra

Ilang linggo nalang at magsisimula na ang kauna-unahang Automated Elections sa bansang Pilipinas. Noong araw na iyon ay nagkaroon ng isang Meeting de Avance para sa lahat ng kakandidato sa pagka-pangulo, bise-presidente, senador, congressman, mayor, vice mayor, at hanggang sa kadulu-duluhang mga posisyon sa gobyreno.

Napakadaming tao sa EDSA. Daig pa ang unang People Power Revolution noong 1986 na nakapagpatalsik sa administrasyong Marcos. Ganun din naman sa iba't ibang mga lalawigan at rehiyon - nagsisiksikan ang mga madlang people para lang makinig ang mga sinasabi ng mga pulitiko. Maging ang staff at guests ng Showtime, Wowowee, ASAP, Eat Bulaga, Talentadong Pinoy at iba pang mga programa sa telebisyon ay nakatunganga sa pambansang Meeting de Avance na sabay-sabay ginaganap sa buong kapuluan. Grabe, daig pa ang laban ni Manny Pacquiao sa pagkatahimik ng buong bansa. Wala kang makikitang krimen, gigs, concerts, o kung anu-ano pa man sa ibang lansangan. Lahat ng mga Pinoy ay nakatutok sa isa sa pinakamahalagang yugto ng taong 2010.

Ngunit hindi nagtagal, unti-unting nagsisiraan ang mga magkakalaban. Bumanat ang Team Noynoy sa Team Villar na sila daw ay "Secret bet ng Administrasyon", lalo na daw si Manny Villar. Rumesbak naman ang Team Villar sa kanila at sinabihan silang "Walang Plataporma at umaasa lang sa magulang", lalo na daw si Noynoy Aquino. Binanatan din si Erap sa kanyang record ng katiwalian noong siya ay Pangulo pa ng Pilipinas. Binanatan din si Loren Legarda sa kanyang pagiging "Political Butterfly". Binanatan din si Gibo na "Noob sa politics" kasama ni Edu. Binanatan din naman si Bro. Eddie Villanueva sa paggamit ng kanyang relihiyon sa pulitika. Kanya-kanyang siraan. Kanya-kanyang batuhan ng kamatis, patola at sibuyas. Nagkagulo na ang lahat, dahil sa mga hidwaan sa bawat partido. Maging ang mga supporters nila ay nagaway-away na. Nagbatuhan narin ng kamatis, patola, sibuyas, at halos lahat ng mga gulay sa kantang "Bahay Kubo". Ang mga lalaki at babae ay nagrambol. Nagka-stampede na mas malupit pa sa ULTRA stampede. Maging sa ibang bayan at lalawigan ay nagsagutan na ang mga tao. Maging ang mga pulis at militar ay nagbabarilan ng kanila. At syempre, ang mga MILF at NPA ay nagkanya-kanya din. Sa makatwid, na gulo ang buong Pilipinas: Luzon, Visayas at Mindanao.

Sa isang hindi inaasahang pangyayari, biglang nagdilim ang langit. Maya-maya pa'y natanaw sa langit ang napakadami at sunud-sunod na mga eroplanong pang-militar. Maging sa mga dalampasigan ay may mga barkong nagsidatingan. Lahat sila ay may mga sakay na mga armadong lalaki at babae. Mga galing Korea at China. Mga dayuhan.Napakadami nila at lahat sila ay armado. Lahat ng makita nilang Pilipino, pinagbabaril at pinagpapatay nila - bata, matanda, may ngipin o wala. Nakakaawa. Dahil dito, unti-unting naubos ang mga Pilipino. Nagkalat ang mga patay na katawan sa lansangan. Madami ring bahay at ari-arian ang pinasabog ng mga mananakop. Sira-sira na lahat, pati mga bilboards at tarpaulins. Hindi rin nakaligtas ang mga taga-Visayas at Mindanao: maging sila (at ang mga NPA) ay natalo ng mga dayuhan.

Ngunit hindi nila alam, ang mga presidentiables ay nakapagtago sa ilalim ng lupa, kung saan dati nagtago ang mga sinaunang Pinoy noong panahon ng Hapon. Natakot sila sapagkat nagkakagulo sa itaas at madaming Pilipino ang nadadamay. Ngunit ang masaklap ay nagsisihan pa sila.

Bumaba galing sa itaas na pinto si Efren Penaflorida at Jun Lozada na may dala-dalang sugatang babae. Maganda siya, maputi, at ang kanyang mahabang buhok ay kasing-kulay ng liwanag ng araw. Maamo ang kanyang mga bughaw na mata.

Bagama't magkakaaway at magkakaiba, nagtulung-tulong ang mga presidentiables (at iba pang nasa ilalim) na isalba ang buhay ng dalaga. Mabuti nalang at may medical team. Ginamot ang babae pari narin si Efren at Lozada. Noong magising ang babae, nagsalita siya at nagpakilala.

Ang pangalan niya ay Cheri Ferrer, isang half-Australian at half-Pinoy. Hinimok niya ang mga Pilipino na magkaisa sa mga Koreano at Intsik. Dahil dito, nagkaisa ang mga presidentiables at nagpadala sila ng mga sugo patungo sa iba't ibang rehiyon sa Pilipinas upang maiparating ang mensahe ni Cheri, na dapat magkaisa ang mga Pilipino at ipagtanggol ang kanilang lahi.

Ang plano sa rebolusyon ay tila natupad. Libu-libong mga eroplano at barko ang nagsidatingan sa Luzon, at ang mga tao ay nagsipunta sa EDSA kung saan halos lahat ng mga taga-Luzon ay nagtipon-tipon, gaya ng 1986 People Power Revolution. Walang armas. Walang militar. Walang ibang sandata kundi rosaryo, bulaklak, at panalangin. Nag-martsa sila patungo sa base ng mga dayuhang Koreano at Intsik. Nakahanda ang mga kalaban at nakatutok na ang kanilang mga baril at kanyon. Ngunit nagpatuloy parin sa pagmartsa ang mga Pilipino. Nanguna sina Efren, Lozada at Cheri. Sumunod naman ang mga Presidentiables at Vice-Presidentiables. Kasunod ang mga natirang artista at taga-mass-media. Nasa-likod nila ang lahat ng mga Pilipinong natira.

Di nagtagal, lumabas ang isang representative ng Korea. Pinababa na niya ang mga armas ng kampo nila at sinabi sa mga Pinoy na uuwi na sila sa kanilang lupain, sapagkat nakita na nila ang tunay na pagkakaisa ng mga Pilipino. Pagkabigkas niya ng mga salitang iyon, sumakay na siya sa kanyang private jet at nagsi-alisan na ang lahat ng dayuhan, Koreano at Intsik. Wala nang ibang natira sa bansang Pilipinas kundi ang mga Pilipino.

Luzon, Visayas, at Mindanao. Sa wakas! Malaya ka na ulit. Nagdiwang ang mga Pilipino ngunit nagluksa din sa mga nawala sa kanila. Nagtulong-tulong ang mga namuno sa rebolusyon upang mai-rennovate ulit ang Pilipinas. Nagpadala sila ng mga lider sa iba't ibang rehiyon at itinigil na ang corruption. Tila nagising ang mga Pinoy sa katotohanang "ang pagtayo sa sariling paa ay isang malaking responsibilidad".

Makalipas ng ilang taon, taong 2018, naging normal na ulit ang bansang Pilipinas. Itinatag ang panibagong gobyerno kung saan ang namumuno na ay si Jun Lozada bilang Pangulo at si Efren Penaflorida bilang Bise-Presidente. Naging Secretary of National Defense and Peace Propagation naman si Cheri Ferrer, na ikinasal na kay Efren. Ang sweet noh?

Bukod doon, madami pang mga bagay ang nagbago. Hindi na tumakbo muli sa pulitika ang halos lahat ng mga kasali sana sa 2010 elections. Nag-retire na si Manny Pacquiao sa boxing at sa pulitika, at ipinamigay ang kalahati ng kanyang ari-arian sa mga mahihirap at mga biktima ng pananakop. Nagbukas ulit ang ABS-CBN, GMA, TV5 at iba pang mga channels ngunit nabawasan na ang bilang ng mga artista dito. Madami ang piniling tumulong nalang sa kapwa sa likod ng kamera. Pagdating sa musika, naayos na ang hidwaan ng mainstream at underground, at kapwa na sila tinatanggap ng mga madla people. At higit sa lahat, naging masaya at mapayapa ang Perlas ng Silangan.

Nawa'y magpatuloy ito hanggang sa mga susunod na siglo. =)

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Double-Tasking People!? Or how do you call it?

First, John Cena: WWE Superstar and Recording Artist.
Your time is up, my time is now!
You can's see me, my time is now!

Next, Criss Angel: Illusionist and Recording Artist.

I am the Mindfreak! (Mindfreak!)
There's no reality...

And maybe a lot of 'wacky?' Filipino people such as Pokwang (Go Pokkie-san!) and Manny Villar Pacquiao also went into music stuff.

And now....

Jason Ivler! (known as JsIn in his music album)

Recording Artist.
Fil-Am of sorts.
And most importanly.


Freddie Aguilar's nephew! o_O;;

Disturbing. Really. <-- Proof.

So, is he better than Ampatuan? xD