Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Analyzation of Mainstream Artists

1.) Lady GaGa

At first, yeah, maybe just one of those ordinary RNB women. But when I heard some of her other songs (not just Poker Face) like Paparazzi, I was stunned by her lyrics - simply artistic, as well as her music videos. Her genre is Synthpop, which is not very usual in the mainstream (usuall genres in the West are Hip-Hop, RNB and Punk Rock), so I think she is somewhat a "one-of-a-kind" artist. You don't really get to see performers like her everyday, right?

2.) Wonder Girls

Ahh yes, 'nobody' doesn't know about these. It's actually a nice thing for asian pop (Like K-pop) to be appreciated by the majority of music fans, but like I said in some of my previous posts, where's J-pop and why doesn't anyone appreciate it too? Anyways, forget that. Melody-wise, their biggest hit song is simply catchy and cool, and so is the music video, which personally made me laugh (I meant the guy stuck in the bathroom). But when I listened to some other songs from them, they weren't that much catchy at all - they're just somewhat creative in synthetic beats. Overall, WG ain't a bad group to listen to.

3.) 6CycleMind

First of all, I'd like to say sorry in advance to the fans for criticizing this band. And here we go. One thing I'd say about 6CycleMind is that not only do they keep their music style redundant and somewhat boring, majority of their talent is used for advertising purposes, which is not the main goal of music, because music is simply to express yourself regardless of monetary profit. Also, they need to explore other genres and expound their knowledge in music and melody/lyrics creation.

4.) Sarah Geronimo

Yeah, you may say I'd call her 'overrated', but I could be wrong. Although she is one of the most successful (and seemingly overrated) artists in Philippine Music, I like the way she shifts her music style/genre, especially with "Ikaw" and "Record Breaker", which are two of her songs that go outside of her normal 'Diva-Pop' genre. This is one technique in music that only a few artists (like Gwen Stefanni and Urbandub) practice. Some may criticize her childish attitude, but that's her own original style.

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