Wednesday, November 25, 2009

2010 Politicians - What;'s wrong with them?

It's actually been a long time since I last criticized Philippine politics, so I'll give it a shot today. Ahahahaha. Just kidding.

Have you seen the "pre-campaigning" ads of some known people? Many wonder if this is somewhat legal. But in my opinion, this is kind of wasteful - I mean, can't they just campaign during THE campaigning period and just announce their candidacy or whatever when they register? It's kind of like writing a birthday card to someone's birthday that's still 2 or 3 years to go! And besides, they'll just waste a lot of money that should be saved for the real campaigning period.

Secondly, there have been lots of HUGE (if not, slightly huge) bilboards, signboards, or tarpaulin signs of politicians either giving some holiday greeting or supporting a community/government project. That too, is a waste of cash. It would be much better if they would personally be on the project site and cooperate whole-heartedly, but not in a "plastic" manner. Also, if they REALLY need to put signs with their names on it, they should avoid making their name look bigger than the greeting or message itself - it's simply annoying.

And third (no offense showbiz people), people from the showbusiness or mass media should try (as much as possible) not to get involved into politics, because it will definitely scorn and destroy their image, as politics is one dangerous jungle to get out of. Politics is not just about money or power, nor does it involve stardom. Politics is simply serving your community and helping out making the world a better place (which I believe anyone can do). Also, politics and entertainment are two completely different fields.

So, people who are going to vote in the 2010 elections, please vote as wise as you can. Choose which politician TRULY deserves his or her crown. Choose the one who is sincere, who is not "all talk but no action", and one who has the right skills to be in his position. Good day everyone! Happy reading! :D

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Analyzation of Mainstream Artists

1.) Lady GaGa

At first, yeah, maybe just one of those ordinary RNB women. But when I heard some of her other songs (not just Poker Face) like Paparazzi, I was stunned by her lyrics - simply artistic, as well as her music videos. Her genre is Synthpop, which is not very usual in the mainstream (usuall genres in the West are Hip-Hop, RNB and Punk Rock), so I think she is somewhat a "one-of-a-kind" artist. You don't really get to see performers like her everyday, right?

2.) Wonder Girls

Ahh yes, 'nobody' doesn't know about these. It's actually a nice thing for asian pop (Like K-pop) to be appreciated by the majority of music fans, but like I said in some of my previous posts, where's J-pop and why doesn't anyone appreciate it too? Anyways, forget that. Melody-wise, their biggest hit song is simply catchy and cool, and so is the music video, which personally made me laugh (I meant the guy stuck in the bathroom). But when I listened to some other songs from them, they weren't that much catchy at all - they're just somewhat creative in synthetic beats. Overall, WG ain't a bad group to listen to.

3.) 6CycleMind

First of all, I'd like to say sorry in advance to the fans for criticizing this band. And here we go. One thing I'd say about 6CycleMind is that not only do they keep their music style redundant and somewhat boring, majority of their talent is used for advertising purposes, which is not the main goal of music, because music is simply to express yourself regardless of monetary profit. Also, they need to explore other genres and expound their knowledge in music and melody/lyrics creation.

4.) Sarah Geronimo

Yeah, you may say I'd call her 'overrated', but I could be wrong. Although she is one of the most successful (and seemingly overrated) artists in Philippine Music, I like the way she shifts her music style/genre, especially with "Ikaw" and "Record Breaker", which are two of her songs that go outside of her normal 'Diva-Pop' genre. This is one technique in music that only a few artists (like Gwen Stefanni and Urbandub) practice. Some may criticize her childish attitude, but that's her own original style.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ang mga balakid sa isang Kristel Ann Cuadra.

I don't really hate the following.
They're just somewhat...
It's just a list of things that I really need to get out of my overheating head.

1. Mainstream Music
2. Revival of Songs
3. Facebook
4. FarmTown / FarmVille / Mafia Wars / Plants and Zombies
5. Manny Pacquiao
6. Charice Pempengco
7. Politicians and the Like
8. Sarah Geronimo
9. 6CycleMind
10. Ex-Friends and Ex-Online Friends
11. Adapted TV Shows from Other Countries
12. Friends for Sale and the Like
13. Radio Stations that Put Stupid songs on the Mainstream
14. Tagalogized Foreign Songs (This is so sick!)
15. Lizards in the Ceiling
16. Money
17. Jackasses and Bitches in School (and elsewhere)
18. Randy Orton
19. Britney Spears
20. High Prices in Everything
21. Genre and Fashion Posers
22. Feeling-High-and-Mighty Students
23. Discrimination between Com Sci and IT students
24. Artists who revive and/or remix songs and get even more famous than the original
25. Internet Explorer
26. Prepaid Internet (Thank Goodness it's Over)
27. MYMP (95% Revivals and 5% Originals)
28. Windows Movie Maker
29. Songs with simple, bland, and uncreative lyrics
30. Artists who stick with one style only (Lito Camo and 6CycleMind)
31. Anime shows that have a recurring "one-guy-and-many-girls" theme
32. Stories where the main couple never end up with each other
33. Gory, Brutal, Horror and Suspense movies, and the like
34. People who depend on their past to move the future
35. People who break promises
36. Lack of Freedom as an 18-year-old
37. Province folks that go to Manila and end up being trashed by MMDA (How sad)
38. Romance/Drama TV Shows (Generally Boring)
39. Christian people that are all talk but no action
40. Shows/Movies that use Revived songs as it's title and theme song

Moar soon. =]

Kazaki-chan's Guide to Living in peace!

The following stuff are in English and Filipino, so watch out. xD

Ang mga motto ni Kazaki. Bow.

1. Aanhin pa ang revive kung mas maganda ang original.
What's revive good for when original is better?

2. Kung manggagaya ka, dapat di halata.
When copying, don't make it obvious.

3. Paano ang singer kung walang composer.
How will the singer sing without a composer?

4. Ang taong nag-bibingi-bingihan ay isa na ring bingi.
A person who pretends to be deaf is deaf all along.

5. Music is 70% love inspired and 30% others.

6. Balang araw, kakain din kayong lahat ng atsara.
Someday, you will all eat atsara. (pickled fruit)

7. Ang hindi marunong gumalang sa sariling wika, tiyak, nasayaw ng Nobody.
One who does not know how to respect his own language will surely dance Nobody.

8. Ang hindi mo nalalaman ay maaaring makapatay sa'yo.
What you don't know might kill you.

9. Daig parin ng matanda ang bata.
Old people are still better than young ones.

10. Walang bagyo kung walang Low Pressure Area.
No Low Pressure Area, no storm.

How to make the world a better place.

1. Recycle trash, not music.
2. Give love, not money.
3. Show respect, not your achievements.
4. Imitate peace, not TV shows.
5. Lie for others, not just for yourself.
6. Plant trees, not flash holograms.
7. See nature, not porno.
8. Send happiness, not spam.
9. Wear a smile, not plastic surgery.
10. Trust God, not strangers.

Enjoy! =]