Saturday, October 17, 2009

Why I've Been Inactive.

1.) Prepaid Internet.
2.) Lots of Final Projects, namely:
a. Lot Inventory System - Software Engineering
b. TV Expert System - A. I.
c. Variety Show - Art Appreciation
d. Flying Fiesta Miniature (finished) - Physics 1
e. Video Rental in Java - Programming Languages
3.) Variety Show Preparation:
a. Song Practice
b. Dance Practice
4.) Moving Website (since Geocities is now closed)

Please watch for my grand launch of my re-developed website, using PHP! With help, of course, from

By December, we will be able to finish our sites:
1.) Kazaki's Website (This is Mine)
2.) CC Project Website
3.) Banned's Website

Hope you'll understand! =]