Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mainstream in the Philippines Rant.

Let me explain what has always been in my head for weeks and keeps bugging me in my sleep. It's none other than the current mainstream music that Filipino fans love. Of course I know that J-Pop/K-Pop lovers aren't very "mainstream" material unlike western music.

But what happens when K-pop leaves J-pop behind and becomes THE mainstream? How does that feel, fellow J-pop fans?

Of course, it feels sad. i_i

With the exception of 2NE1 (The group that involves Sandara Park), it's just unfair that Filipino fans seem to like K-pop more than J-pop, making it mainstream, while J-pop and K-pop are pretty much the same when it comes to style! The only difference is their language, so why K-pop?

Here were my observations:

1.) Koreans have more shows on Philippine TV than Japanese. Makes sense, now I know it's the TV stations doing this. i_i

2.) Anime and J-pop fans are usually being discriminated here in our pretty little country called Philippines, while Chinese and Korean pop gets all the glory. Discriminated you say? That's simply because they think Anime is for kids, and Japanese people are not interesting (since Japanese conquered our country once). i_i

3.) Care to give some more reasons guys?

So that's what I think. And I think that if Koreans are in the mainstream, THEN SO SHOULD THE JAPANESE! Because it's not just me who love's J-pop. There are a million J-pop fans out there. You guys (the J-haters) just don't know how to appreciate us. =]