Friday, June 19, 2009

Some new updates. Yeah, right. xD

iPod is deeeeeaaaaad!!!! T______T

R.I.P. my electronic musical best friend...we've been together for more than years....I'm gonna miss you (maybe even more than Anfra-kun)...

Sayonara Ai-chan (iPod-chan)...*cries* huhuhuhuhu...

Maybe Yusabe-chan (Flash Disk-chan) can help me out for the meantime...U_U

I won't regret anything.

Even if I didn't take Multimedia Arts (there's no such course here in our University), or will never meet my online friends, or become famous or anything, I already found my true happiness. My best friend Noel - if it wasn't for him, I would have given up on my life. Seriously, he is my light these days that I'm suffering not just from the past, but also from the present. Thank you, Noel a.k.a. Banned-kun. Though CS's are Capulets and IT's are Montagues, nothing can separate us! ^_^

Why I'm not very much logging in on deviantART, friendster, or Yahoo! Messenger these days.

It's all because of my goal - to go for my goal! And my goal is: "To forget the past, survive the present, and walk to the future." This time, I want to reach my REAL dreams, my own way. I won't plan on doing anything and announce it on the web as a "Project", because it's much better to DO IT than to just PLAN IT.

Sorry for most of my online friends, I just need some time off the net. I need to fix my personal life. Hehe. ^^;

Object Personifications.

Speaking of iPod-chan, I wanna name all of my / our stuff, the living, dead, and the sold.

iPod Nano - Ai [Female]
Sony Ericsson k300i - Kaito [Male]
Nokia 7650 - Nori [Female]
Anfra Jeepney - Jin [Male]
Hyundai Elantra - Elda [Female]
USB Flash Disk - Yusabe [Female]
PS2 - Picha [Female]
Ps1 - Pijo [Male]
Computer Unit - Konpu [Female]
Next Base DVD Player - Neku [Female]
Lexing DVD Player - Reiki [Male]
Polytron 14 inch TV - Seize [Male]
Casio CTK-80 Keyboard - Mimiru [Female]
CD-R King Subwoofers - Shanon (Center), Micky (Left), Nicky (Right) [All Female]
Promac TV - Piroshi [Male]
Asahi Cooler - Koori [Female]
CD-R King Headset - Brass [Male]
A4Tech Webcam/Microphone - Ayu [Female]

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