Sunday, May 31, 2009

Last post before summer vacation ends!

Hey everyone! I'm posting my newest topics to blog about...

01 - Porygon's Seizure Issue.

On December 16, 1997, lots of children suffered seizures from watching a Pokémon episode called "Electric Soldier Porygon", which contained flashing light scenes of red and blue, because of Pikachu's Thunderbolt attack. This incident got the episode banned from the rest of the world. How sad. -_-

And the sad thing is, because of all of this, Porygon and its evolved forms, Porygon2 and Porygon-Z can't appear in another Pokémon episode! The thing is, it wasn't poor Porygon's fault. I'm not really antagonizing Pikachu, but he's the real reason for the flash flash thingy. -_-

However, despite that "Pokémon Flash" incident, the episode is pretty cool! All because of the computer-like atmosphere that reminds me of my course (which is BS Computer Science). XD

02 - Exit Trance Presents...

Here's something for all J-pop and Trance fans! I just found a really awesome set of Anime songs...trance-remixed! Check them out here!

The songs are just awesome! And it's not just one album, there are a bunch more on the archives! I personally like "Sousei no Aquarion" and "Zankoku na Tenshi no THESIS", as well as "Hishoku no Sora". They also have an awesome remix of "O2" by Orange Range, which is the OP theme for Code Geass R2!


It all started with a YouTube Caramelldansen video of Dawn (Hikari) and Paul (Shinji) from Pokémon Diamond & Pearl entitled "Ikarishipping Caramelldansen". So I Wiki-ed what Ikarishipping means. Turns out that it's the name of a Dawn & Paul pairing!

Don't they look cute together...? I mean, opposites attract, right? The sweet-innocent-looking Dawn and the powerful-and-rude Paul...this is pretty interesting indeed. :D

Wobbuffet madness!

"WOBBA~WOBBAFFEEET!!" I'm sure all Pokémon fans know about Team Rocket's cute little Pokémon that's so adorable and funny! Ahahaha. XD

According to Wiki, Wobbuffet's Japanese name is Sonans [Sounansu], and is based from a Japanese comedian who has the habit of putting his hands on his forehead.

Still, Wobbuffet, for me, is the best Pokémon you'll ever see! "Counter Attack!"

WWESVR09's Career Mode.

Okay, so this new Career Mode in the game looks pretty easy at first. But when it comes down to the last two championships, it's as if they won't allow you to even move! The computer will reverse EVERY attack you make! And that's really disappointing. -_-

Well, at least, the Road to Wrestlemania mode is cool. Let's go Batista and Rey Mysterio! :D

Dolph Ziggler = Larxene?

Has anyone watching WWE seen this new wrestler guy named Dolph Ziggler? If anyone did, they would notice his hair resembles that of Larxene from the Kingdom Hearts series.

Hmm...I wonder.... I wonder if that guy has a black coat too..... XD

Hayden's Scandal...?

Yes I know, every Filipino knows about this. -_-;;

Okay, basically, from my observation, it's really Hayden's fault, because he took the videos himself, and that's....that's pretty much unethical. Even if he says that those videos were just part of his private diary, well, that just proves how much he likes to watch those kind of stuff. Just my opinion though, please do not shoot me! +_+

Croagunk's effective perv stopper!

Yes, I really love the way Croagunk stops Brock from getting his hands on girls. Poison Jab! Hahaha! It's just so entertaining! And it's not just that! Croagunk also saved Brock once in the episode "Enter Galactic!", rescuing him from an attack by Team Galactic. Also, whenever Ash's gym battles are going on and Team Rocket is sneaking quietly, without anyone noticing, he gives them a Poison Jab sending them...blasting off again! I'd say, Croagunk is one brilliant Pokémon!

John Morrison vs. The Miz....?!

Competition of Entrance Music! And the winner is....John Morrison!
Seriously, The Miz's entrance theme sounds a little boring, because it's just some instrumental rock BGM. On the other hand, his Tag Team Partner, John Morisson, has a more interesting BGM, especially the fog horn intro. LOL

Why Dream Theater rocks!

Formerly called Majesty, Dream Theater is by far the best Progressive Metal band I've heard! I mean, why not? Their songs are so dynamic that almost no part is ever repeated! Also, it's pretty interesting that usually, their songs are so long, that there is one called "A Change of Seasons" that lasts for 22 minutes! Wow! That's just super-talented!

Not to mention their awesome lead guitarist, John Petrucci (my best friend's idol), is so talented that he can make up lead parts for almost 30 minutes (according to my friend) on the spot! Talk about never running out of melody! O_O;;

Yu-gi-oh!: Forbidden Memories...flashbacks!

I remem
ber when I used to have my PS1. I play this game all the time, as I was a Yu-Gi-Oh! addict back then. XD

The cards I loved so much were Crimson Sunbird, Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon, Dark Magician, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, and Mystical Elf. There were a whole lot more too! Hahaha! XD

Tara na sa Mang Inasal!

I remembered our trip to Manila, for the CISCO Conference. We stopped by SM Mall of Asia, and had dinner at Mang Inasal. That was the very first time I tasted such delicious chicken! So I was very happy that they opened a branch here in our place as well! Now we can eat some awesome chicken inasal whenever we want, by just going to SM City Lucena's branch!

Just hope soon I will finally be able to eat in a Japanese restaurant, and be able to eat real Japanese food. My parents never take me there, but I love Japan. -_-

Buneary! Bun Bun Bun~!

Buneary is just so adorable! Her ice beam is one of my favorite attacks. Also, I really like the fact that she has a crush on Pikachu! Hahaha. ^w^

Well, that's all I can say about Buneary though. ^^;

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