Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bust A Move/Groove - Alternate Versions

If BAM/BAG songs were remaked by certain artists...

This font was made by me. You can download it here.

Friday, April 24, 2009

LaMB Inspired Music Video - The Featured It!

Dear Everyone,

Animax, a Japanese animation channel, presented LaMB, an original animated movie, in which the original story was written by a Filipino. I was inspired by this animated series, and composed a song about it. As I am self-studying Japanese language, I managed to create my own Japanese theme song for the series, and not just that! I also arranged the song (using FL Studio, a music program for Windows), and sang it too!

After I posted it on YouTube, I suddenly found Animax's channel. So I've decided to contact them, and show them this song of mine. They said they were impressed, and asked permission to feature it on their website!

A few weeks later, I recieved a package straight from Singapore! My parents were surprised: it was from Animax Asia itself! There were Animax souvenirs, like a t-shirt, cap, a LaMB poster, a Gundam Toy Model (like a Japanese Toy Robot), and of course, a contract that I needed to sign for them to be able to publish my song on the internet. Me and my mom signed it and mailed it back to them. We waited for a few weeks.

And now the day has come! Look at this!
They have finally featured my song in the internet! Thanks be to God for this! I immediately told my parents, relatives, and all my friends about this!

It just goes to show that, if you are determined for your dreams, then it will come true. :)

Kristel Ann A. Cuadra (a.k.a. Kazaki)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Twinkle Twinkle Starry Night


One, two, three, four
So many stars, need I say more?
Way up there in the Milky Way stream
A never-ending story, a far-away dream.

The moonlight breeze whispers my name
That echoes throughout this world of shame
Oh, how pleasant it is looking at this sky!
But why am I still alone? I wonder why.

Starry starry night sky, give me a sign
For whose fated illusion is next in line?
Love and hate gathered in this place
Pain, sorrow, agony, wrapped in grace.

Whose words should I trust now?
Of my worthy name, still I am not proud
For I am different, yet my love is true
Starry night of the vivid sky in blue.

Guess where I got inspiration from...hee hee hee :D

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Manga in a Bible?

Listening to:
KOTOKO - 421-a will-
Reading: Manga Messiah

I have this manga called "Manga Messiah", an adaptation of Jesus' life as told in the bible. It's a very interesting piece of art, since lots of us here are manga-lovers (admit it xD), and this will definitely strengthen your faith in God! For those who aren't Catholics, you can read it too, so that you may know who Jesus (Yesuah in the manga) really is! ^___^

You guys should get a copy! I just bought it in a Philippine Christian Bookstore located in our SM City Lucena (Or maybe other SM branches).

See for yourself.

YouTube - Messiah Manga Preview

Messiah Manga at Wikipedia

NEXT manga official website