Thursday, January 15, 2009

My NEW 100 self facts.

I know I already had a similar post. But this one is NEWER. :D

1.I have sensitive emotions. I cry easily. D:
2.I love randomness. ^_^
3. I am currently in love with someone. ^____^
4. I know my guardian angel. ^_^
5. I am currently obsessed with Code Geass and Chaos;Head.
6. I have many talents/hobbies, like drawing, composing songs, net surfing/computer programming, writing stories, and a lot lot more.
7. I have an odd hatred for overrated things.
8. I lose consciousness once I started brainstorming on my stories.
9. I love mangoes and seafood.
10. Big Brother and Dramas makes my eyes and my heart sore. Yes they do. D:
11. I think some world leaders today are FAIL. (No offense, though)
12. I have the same necklace as Pete Pumps (Ginban Kaleidoscope) and Yuri Shibuya (Kyou Kara Maou!).
13. I play Solitare, Zuma, Pinball, and Text Twist if I am totally bored. xD
14. One of my former hobbies include reading dictionaries.
15. I dislike internet people who don't give importance on newbies or infamous people, just because they're busy or lazy. Newbies should be guided. ^_^
16. Whenever I'm involved in internet flames, I can't sleep at night. D:
17. The cold weather always makes me do weird things. O_O
18. I love our iPod so much. ^___^
19. I became super obsessed with Yu-Gi-Oh! before, that I had a box full of cards! But eventually, I gave the rare cards to my cousin for display.
20. Sailormoon was the first anime character who appeared in my dreams, and saved me from being hit by a jeepney!
21. I also listen to a couple of emo-style artists such as Red Jumpsuit and MCR.
22. I fear butterflies and lizards. Include Sadako's ghost on the list.
23. I'm currently self-studying Nihonggo (Japanese).
24. Almost all of my school stuff have my name on them, to prevent loss.
25. I am childish. Enough said. ^_^
26. I got banned from YouTube once. Notice that my username is not kazaki03, but Crisel15.
27. I make flash animations and post them on YouTube. :D
28. I compose original songs using FL Studio, and record my voice. ^_^
29. I am extremely addicted to noodles, and currently trying to control it.
30. One of the recurring places I see in my dreams is a mall called "Fantasie Mall".
31. To keep my journal from being boring, I draw random sketches and stuff on my entries.
32. I have lots of backup CD/DVD's with all of my stuff on them, to prevent loss in case of reformatting.
33. I believe in destiny. ^_^
34. Some simple things can make me pissed off easily. For example, failing to defeat a game boss many times.
35. My internet name, Kazaki, could literally mean "Ornament Tree". However, I never knew this when I made it up--it was just a random Japanese name I made up,
36. I am allergic to dust during the morning. I have to take in Anti-Histamine to prevent my allergy thingy. xD
37. I've been a consistent honor student during Elementary and High School. [Yeah, it's true! -_-]
38. Ludwig Van Beethoven is my musical idol. It all began with a boy named Simon Reis and his Beethoven story called "Beethoven's Bargain".
39. So far, I have only played two online games in my life: Gunbound and O2Jam.
40. I'm looking forward to meet my online friends someday. There were many attempts, but they failed. D:
41. I watch some horror shows not because of its fear factor, but because of its mysteries and addictive storyline.
42. I love any story that has something to do with fate, destiny, fantasy, mystery, magic, and science fiction.
43. I have 3 Teddy Bears: Reihart, Blessy, and Ciel (named after my guardian angel). :D
44. I have a porcelain doll named Edward.
45. I have a Blossom stuffed toy.
46. I am a little fond of watching "evolution" scenes in anime, such as the scenes in Loki Ragnarok, Detective Conan, Chrno Crusade, and Fancy Lala.
47. My cellphone is a Sony Ericsson k300i.
48. I love keeping random things I pick up from anywhere, such as a see-through leaf, sticks and twigs, white feathers, and a lot more.
49. For me, the beach is a "place of promise", although I can't remember making a promise with somone there. Probably because of Sora and Kairi [Kingdom Hearts].
50. I love sardines.
51. Spongebob, Blue, Dora, and Barney are all cute! I wanna watch them again! xD
52. I have the habbit of copying other people's expressions which I think are funny.
53. I prefer Juice over Ice cream.
54. My first favorite video games were Kensei Sacred Fist and Bust A Move/Groove 2.
55. My first online friend was Jou-chan.
56. DJ Zyroblaze introduced me to FL Studio.
57. My first best friend was Jean.
58. Ishuda was the first person I collaborated with for a song, which is called "Cloud".
59. I have 567 drawings in my deviantART account, plus 100 sketches/scraps.
60. I have composed about 200+ songs, as stated in my sendspace account.
61. Mom and dad took me to Cebu City, but since I was only 6 months old there, I can't remember a thing.
62. I'm not a frequent texter, especially during summer. I prefer chat. :D
63. I have the habit of changing my status message on YM everytime, usually when I feel like saying something different.
64. Friendster and deviantART are my most frequently visited sites. :D
65. I like the song "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen. [Who doesn't? xD]
66. I hate getting startled, especially at night.
67. I collect Otaku Zine Anime Magazines.
68. My college days are better than my high school days.
69. I wanna work on Canada when I grow up and graduate.
70. I don't drink softdrinks.
71. I don't eat candy, except chocolate and lollipop.
72. I don't stick to whatever music is popular. I only listen to what I think sounds good.
73. I love J-pop, Trance, Techno, Ballad, and similar music.
74. Pete Pumps, from the anime Ginban Kaleidoscope, looks exactly like Ciel, my Guardian Angel.
75. I live in the Philippines.
76. I study BS Computer Science at Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation, Lucena City, Quezon Province.
77. I abbrevate moments of being "emotional" as being Emo. xD
78. I can wak up as late a 1 PM in the morning during summer vacation.
79. I have 4 journals, with their own titles: Illusion, Affection, Existence, and Legacy.
80. I am 17 years old.
81. My birthday is July 21, and my horroscope sign is Cancer.
82. I used to join speech contests during my elementary days.
83. My favorite ice cream flavor is cookies 'n' cream, or chocolate.
84. My first live performance was in our Departmental Christmas Party, held December 19, 2008. Together with my favorite person, we played 2 of my original songs. ^_^
85. Now I don't give a damn for local TV. xD
86. I hate promise-breakers.
87. I am not good at dancing, but I love to dance sometimes.
88. I love popcorn! :D
89. I always keep notes of random ideas that pop out of my head.
90. Jo and Irene are my friends who helped me connect with Ciel.
91. My first love letter came from a guy in Sariyaya, Quezon.
92. I am one of the few people who have played Paca Paca Passion and know its existence. Heheh. xD
93. I have a small bee on top of my computer monitor.
94. I have the habit of writing random words or drawing random sketches in my old used notebooks when I'm bored.
95. My first name, Kristel, comes from the singer Crystal Gale.
96. My surname, Cuadra, literally means "horse stable". O_O
97. I can have the weirdest kind of dreams such as restrooms. LOL
98. I have posters of Yu-Gi-Oh! and FFX-2 on my bedroom.
99. I started being an anime fan in 6th grade.
100. My favorite colors are red, pink and sky blue.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Guardians || Profile

[These guys and girls' profiles are still inaccurate. I'll make some updates, when new information comes. ^_^]


Full Name: Ciel Anthony A. Simon
Birthday: December 16, 1973
Birthplace: California
Nationality: Canadian
Hair Color: Golden Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Blood Type: A
Known Relatives: Name unknown (sister), Aori (heavenly twin sister)
Date Died: August 21, 1989
Assigned to: Kristel Cuadra
Info: He lost his parents at a very young age. Together with his sister, they moved from California to Canada, and studied there. Ciel is very studious and smart, taking up BS Architecture. He also has simple hobbies such as drawing nature, playing piano and guitar, and writing poetry. He likes spicy food, and he is also musically-inclined. It is also known that sometimes he wore glasses, probably because of too much stuying. But one incident lead to his death, when he protected his sister from a madman who carries a knife.


Full Name: Aori Iwakura
Birthday: December 16, 1973
Birthplace: Tokyo
Nationality: Japanese
Hair Color: Golden Blonde (regardless of Japanese roots)
Eyes: Blue (regardless of Japanese roots)
Blood Type: A
Known Relatives: Ciel (heavenly twin brother)
Date Died: August 21, 1989
Assigned to: Jonathan Mejia
Info: Aori is Ciel's heavenly twin sister, although they are not blood-related. Not much is known about her, except she lives alone in Tokyo.