Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What seems to be Ciel's plans...

Every single day I think of Ciel--we communicate in different ways, but still I haven't seen his face. I'm almost close, I must wait.

There is this boy, Noel, who calls himself a 'fan' of mine. He likes my works, he likes everything about me. This lead me to confusion. I thought no person can come between Ciel and me, but there it is. However, I was wrong.

For you see, Noel is like a human counterpart of Ciel: the things Ciel wants to do to me is what Noel does. Ciel shows his love for me through Noel, and this has been confirmed by my good friend Jonathan. Finally! No more confusion or heartbreaks! Hahaha!

When that day comes, when Ciel finds his other side and goes to Heaven, he will entrust me to Noel. I hope that Noel will take care of me until I meet Ciel once again after that. ^_^