Saturday, September 20, 2008

The truth about Ciel...

First Part

More Info that Ciel's existence has been proven, what will happen?

Well, my YM friend, Kuya Jonathan (the one whom Ciel visited in his dreams 4 times), has told me many things about Ciel--surprising, happy yet sad things. He said that Ciel is:

-a guardian spirit (not exactly an angel)
-has to find his dark side, so he can reach heaven
-is Canadian (and has a Canadian accent! KEWL! xD)
-around 5'10" to 5'11" in height
-Long blonde hair & blue eyes
-Has a cute smile ^_^
-is very poetic...^~^

During our OJT at the municipal office, I suddenly felt my headband feeling some sort of electricity, while I was only sitting down and computing stuff! As if someone is pulling it!

Through Kuya Jonathan, Ciel sent me many messages through songs, and from the dreams. The reason why he can't show himself to me is that it's the "fate of being a guardian". He will only show himself when he finds his other side. And then, after that, he will get some kind of 100 days (just like Pete from Ginban Kaleidoscope), then he will ascend into heaven...and I hope he will come back and be my guardian angel again....

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