Sunday, August 31, 2008

A proof of his existence. (Ciel)

Just a few days ago, one of my YM friends and me were having some conversation. And that was the point where I realized, he was like Ciel, my guardian angel, who tries to make me feel better despite all the stupidity this world has to offer. But the story didn't end there, though.

The next day, he told me that he had a dream of Ciel, and they had a conversation! Waa! xDDD OMG! But he said that it's a secret, so he won't tell me. But still! That was a proof of Ciel's existence...that Ciel really cares about me! That Ciel exists! Thanks be to God! Now I belive in Ciel even more than before...

And not just for one dream--he had many dreams of Ciel! He told me that what they are talking about are mostly about me. About me?? O_O;; Also, Ciel isn't exacly an angel, but between man and angel, like a sould who hasn't reached heaven yet, until he finds his 'Other Side'. Other side??

Everyone has two sides of their self: a light one for happiness and support, and a dark one filled with sadness and grief. Ciel seems to be finding his other side, so he can go to heaven. But...what about me? My friend says Ciel's light side is in me--he smiles whenever I'm there, and he never cries if I'm with him. Huh??

For now, I don't fully understand what exactly is going on between us, but what I know is that most probably, our destinies were tied by God...or something like that.

I hope someday, I will get to see him and hear his voice, as if he was still alive...

Monday, August 25, 2008

New worlds.

August 2008

UI2 (United Imaginary Islands) or Enidouka 「エニドウカ」, also known as the Sun Islands 「太陽の島」 or Mystic Islands「神秘的な島」, located in the Pacific Ocean 「太平洋」, is home to the native Enidoukans, who are the official residents of this country. They are a group of people with different races, especially Asian. Although they reside in this country, people whose existence haven't been proved in the real world, also live here. Mythical creatures, characters from various TV shows, magazines, comics, superheores,
fairies, elves, and the like--yes they are all currently living there. The islands had a great history that was never known to the outside world, and was never discovered by Europian conquerors at all.

The islands started from a huge volcanic eruption, splitting a huge island that was as huge as Australia, into two separate islands. The first one was Enidouka, or the Sun Island, due to it's sun-like circular shape. The second one was Ravania 「ラバニア」, also known as the Moon Islands 「月の島」, due to it's crescent moon-like shape.

Civilization of the two islands began during 1021 B.C., when the first Enidoukans established their city called Kasaguru 「カサグル」, which is now West Shuza 「西のシュザ」. While in Ravania, a small community called Friesk「フリエスク」, full of moon flowers. Since then, many communities appeared, then turned into Kingdoms, and finnally, into states.

::Enidouka Islands::

::Ravania Islands::

oming soon: Enidoukan and Ravanian Alphabet ^_^

Monday, August 18, 2008

El Paraiso de Mariposa

El Paraiso de Mariposa
ni Kristel "Kazaki" Cuadra

Isang munting paraiso
Sa gitna ng malaking gulo
Maaliwalas na kalangitan
Walang iwanan!

Mga ibong nag-aawitan
Kay ganda ng kapaligiran!
Dilaw at maputlang himpapawid
Habang sa tulay ay tumatawid.

Punong matitingkad,
Iba't ibang kulay at pugad
Mga bulaklak na namumukadkad
Habang sa ere ay naglalakad.

O kay sarap ng hangin dito!
Tunay na nakakaantig ng puso!
Tila ayaw kong umalis dito
Sapagkat isa itong paraiso.

Ang talon ng buhay at bughaw na dagat
Mga hayop na isang-daan at apat
Tila gusto kong mamahinga dito
Sa napakagandang paraiso.

Sa wakas, nakita ko ang puno
Naalala ko ang aking puso
Iukit dito mga munting pangarap
Mula sa paraisong anong sarap.