Thursday, July 31, 2008

Vertical Flight

Vertical Flight
by Kristel "Kazaki" Cuadra

Today I walked home
Looking at the pale sky
It was a boring day
Same as any other day.

Today I saw the sunset
Birds flew idly
I saw my faint shadow
I saw my shallow soul.

The mist felt strange
I was surrounded by a fog
Suddenly I noticed
Everyone was gone.

No one, not a human being
Nor any other creature in sight
Warm lights start to fall
Onto this shattered abyss.

I carefully walked
In those dark streets
Expecting a voice
A voice of hope.

Suddenly, I saw a man
A stranger yet looks familiar
He called out my name
And it echoed through the town.

I went to him, somehow confused
What's going on right now?
He gently held my hands,
Saying it's allright.

Now I noticed, it started raining
Deep, black ink fell from the sky
A long, sad melody was played
Within this empty city.

Before I knew it, there was light
Shining from up above
A distant choir, could it be?
No! It can't be! Is it?

Alas! Paradise at last!
My sore heart began to heal.
The sky opened up for us
For a reason I don't know.

He held me tight, and off we went
Spreading his wings, we flew to the light
Oh dear! He is my Guardian Angel!
Taking me with him in flight.

Goodbye, my black city!
May you have happier days
Hello, O Great Heavens!
Floating above the Earth.

But Alas! There I was,
In the middle of the street
It was all just some dream
It may have never happened.

Today I'm walking home
Looking at the same pale sky
When suddenly a man held my hand
I know it was him, my angel.


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