Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Magic Letter

The Magic Letter
By: Kristel “Kazaki” Cuadra

Deep within my heart
I can hear you call out
And then, I realized
There’s something missing right now.

Putting away my papers on the desk,
I sit to think of you
The memories you engraved
Deep within my heart.

I looked at the window
Such a beautiful blue sky
The days we shared together
The seasons that passed by.

I looked at the clock
Time surely flies fast
Things get old and worn out
But our memories won’t.

As I get off work,
My consciousness begins to fade
These sweet thoughts of you
Turn into a sad present day.

I’ve decided to write a letter
To a very special person
I put it in an envelope
And hid it under my pillow.

Before I went to sleep,
I saw the North Star
Remembering the wish we once made
To be together eternally.

I went to sleep late that night
The wind was very cold
I had to close the window
And everything was dark.

The next morning I woke up
I reached under my pillow
I wonder if my letter is still there
And did you know what I saw?
“My Love, please forgive me
This is what God has decided
I know it’s really sad
But cheer up! It will be allright.

Many seasons passed since that day
I thought you would forget about me
Though I may not be by your side,
I will always think of you.”

Tears fell down my cheeks
As I read every word
His face, his voice, everything about him
I remembered it all.

Ever since that day, I smiled
Knowing he’s smiling back at me
Death is not an ending
But a start of a new beginning.


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