Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Magic Letter

The Magic Letter
By: Kristel “Kazaki” Cuadra

Deep within my heart
I can hear you call out
And then, I realized
There’s something missing right now.

Putting away my papers on the desk,
I sit to think of you
The memories you engraved
Deep within my heart.

I looked at the window
Such a beautiful blue sky
The days we shared together
The seasons that passed by.

I looked at the clock
Time surely flies fast
Things get old and worn out
But our memories won’t.

As I get off work,
My consciousness begins to fade
These sweet thoughts of you
Turn into a sad present day.

I’ve decided to write a letter
To a very special person
I put it in an envelope
And hid it under my pillow.

Before I went to sleep,
I saw the North Star
Remembering the wish we once made
To be together eternally.

I went to sleep late that night
The wind was very cold
I had to close the window
And everything was dark.

The next morning I woke up
I reached under my pillow
I wonder if my letter is still there
And did you know what I saw?
“My Love, please forgive me
This is what God has decided
I know it’s really sad
But cheer up! It will be allright.

Many seasons passed since that day
I thought you would forget about me
Though I may not be by your side,
I will always think of you.”

Tears fell down my cheeks
As I read every word
His face, his voice, everything about him
I remembered it all.

Ever since that day, I smiled
Knowing he’s smiling back at me
Death is not an ending
But a start of a new beginning.


Vertical Flight

Vertical Flight
by Kristel "Kazaki" Cuadra

Today I walked home
Looking at the pale sky
It was a boring day
Same as any other day.

Today I saw the sunset
Birds flew idly
I saw my faint shadow
I saw my shallow soul.

The mist felt strange
I was surrounded by a fog
Suddenly I noticed
Everyone was gone.

No one, not a human being
Nor any other creature in sight
Warm lights start to fall
Onto this shattered abyss.

I carefully walked
In those dark streets
Expecting a voice
A voice of hope.

Suddenly, I saw a man
A stranger yet looks familiar
He called out my name
And it echoed through the town.

I went to him, somehow confused
What's going on right now?
He gently held my hands,
Saying it's allright.

Now I noticed, it started raining
Deep, black ink fell from the sky
A long, sad melody was played
Within this empty city.

Before I knew it, there was light
Shining from up above
A distant choir, could it be?
No! It can't be! Is it?

Alas! Paradise at last!
My sore heart began to heal.
The sky opened up for us
For a reason I don't know.

He held me tight, and off we went
Spreading his wings, we flew to the light
Oh dear! He is my Guardian Angel!
Taking me with him in flight.

Goodbye, my black city!
May you have happier days
Hello, O Great Heavens!
Floating above the Earth.

But Alas! There I was,
In the middle of the street
It was all just some dream
It may have never happened.

Today I'm walking home
Looking at the same pale sky
When suddenly a man held my hand
I know it was him, my angel.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

He e-mailed me! Yes, Simon Reis! xD

You wouldn't believe what just happened! I got an e-mail from Simon Reis himself! He said his friend found my post here @ blogger, and he also says he's happy to make friends with many people around the world! Thank you so much!!!

To God, Jesus Christ, Ciel~My Guardian Angel~, and the rest of the 'Gang', THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! This really means a lot to me!! xDDD ^ww^

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I shall NOT own these people. O:


This is just a small dedication note for my WANTED LIST people. ^_~

To that boy with a young heart,
Pa-cheese burger ka naman dyan! ^__^
To that person whom I had a conflict with,
I still like angels too!
To the ninja guy,
Can you beat Naruto too? ^^
To the cute guy who owns a black iPod,
I am NOT your stalker! O:
To my beloved cousin,
Ay, mag-papa-cheese burger yan! Cgurado nah! Hehehe
To that spacescape lover,
Long time no PM!
To my favorite dancer,
Showtime pa ba? Hehe
To one of my trusted friends,
Miss na rin kita!
To my first singer idol,
Can we meet again? O:
To our elder male classmate,
Nice to see you again! ^_^
To my guardian angel,
Salamat sa advanced "gift"! xD
To that awesome guy although I didn't know him personally,
I wish you didn't have to die! T_T
To that guy I usually sit with next to in class,
You look familiar. O:
To my "fan",
Salamat din sa drawings! ^__^
To the most beloved MCR vocalist,
Keep on rockin! ^w^
To my "possible twin",
We shall RULE teh WORLD!! Don't you think so? =P
To one of my former classmates,
How's it goin'?
To the most AWESOME J-rock artist ever,
I love SHALLOW SLEEP! You look like my Guardian Angel there. O:
To another former classmate,
Where are you now?
To my only real world male best friend who is now I don't know where (probably Manila),
I miss you so much...Bisita ka naman dito... T__T
To my first best friend,
Miss din kita! ^_~
To Joanna's Twin[?],
To another former classmate,
San ka na ngaun, ate?
To a very nice girl although I didn't know her personally,
I wish you didn't die too! T_T
To Jeanica's Twin[?],
To our class leader,
Dude, you rock! =P
To our guy in black,
A big "^___^" for you!
To another former classmate,
To that guy who (according to my classmates) was just like me,
Really? Are we fraternal twins or something? O_O;;
To the guy who loves me,
We will all be loved in the end of time. =)
To another O2 friend,
Thanks for the FL Studio, and everything else! ^__^
To my High School best friend,
Punta ka dito, dali! I need you nao! O:
To the great O2 Rock Artist,
Keep rockin out! ^__^
To my classmate (and still classmate),
Wheel of Fortune!?
To my High School best friend,
Punta ka din dito! Nao na! O:
To the most AWESOME J-pop artist ever,
To my cousin,
To my O2 best friend,
Thanks for everything! ^___^
To my High School friend,
Advanced happy birthday! (Kahit malayo pa. hehehe)
To my first Online Friend,
Hisashiburi desu ne? (Long time no see!)
To the greatest composer ever,
Your music shall live forever! ^__^
To the former KH and Heroes fan (now Twilight Fan),
Twilight = Roxas? O_O;;
To another dA friend,
Err...want some bunnies? ^^;
To that kid in Mercury Rising (now he's grown up),
To my former classmate who calls me "Idol",
Thank you very much! Kita-kits sa school as always! ^_^
To another former classmate,
Maganda ba ung edtied pic na gawa ko? Hehehe
To another awesome O2 composer,
What are you doing these days?
To another O2 friend,
Balik ka naman sa composing sometime! ^__^
To that guy I met in CEGP,
Musta na?
To my classmate,
To the awesome RJA vocalist,
Thanks for making the song "Your Guardian Angel"! ^___^
To my cousin,
Gahh...wanna meet you again! O:
To my former classmate,
Juriz-chaaan!! xDD
To another O2 composer,
Why won't you reply? Are you busy?
To the boy I kept searching for (he e-mailed me! At last I found him! xD),
I like Beethoven too! I hope we become good friends! ^_^
To a very awesome J-pop artist,
You're cute! ^__^
To that boy I once saw but never knew his name,
I hope we meet again someday! ^_^