Friday, June 20, 2008

Missing him.

My male best friend, who was my classmate (during 1st year, 1st sem) sadly moved to Manila. We're all gonna miss him. T_____T DD:

He was the first person I met in our university. The first person I met in college. My first male best friend. He was always there to make me smile, and is always willing to make friends with everyone! His smile can mean a lot to me. So, I'm REALLY REALLY sad. But I just realized, his smiles were always there to inspire me, even if he's gonna be far away. It will always be in my heart, wanting to cheer me up from my sadness.

I hope I'll see him again someday.....

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ciel + L'arc~en~Ciel?

Ciel (as I mentioned in one of my posts) is my Guardian Angel. He was Canadian, and he looked very much like Pete Pumps from the anime Ginban Kaleidoscope.

And now, I just discovered: Not only does his name = L'arc~en~Ciel (a famous J-rock band)....

The band's vocalist, HYDE (as shown on this vid) is dressed up EXACTLY the way Ciel looks like, but without the wings and the halo! O_o;;
(He totally made Ciel look like a Japanese xD)

Anyways, this song is currently my favorite song for this time. It's so....dramatically sweet~ ^w^

*starts looking for HYDE pics xD*

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Kingdom Hearts 2 :Final Mix +

Here's the things I wanna post about the newly-released Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix +, filled with new battles, challenges and random stuff.


A Kingdom Hearts Book?


Terra (Lingering Spirit), the optional boss of the game.


Sora gets a crown! xD


Zexion and Axel in WWE? O_o


Dancing Mushroom!

Proof that I defeated Terra!