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O2/PIU Stories~ Affection/Special Series

O2/PIU Stories~ 344-MR-GO Series
by Kristel "Kazaki" Cuadra

Story 1 - 3.4.4. (Song by DJ Potatoe)///

It was late April. The James family went for an outing in a place where there are green trees, green grass, and lots of furry animals. But first, let us know who the family members are.

First off, Ben James. The father. A musician/musical scorer guy who usually wears shades, and isn't very talkative. He likes music a lot, and have influenced his wife and children. Next we have Nicole, the mother. This quiet and sensitive woman also loves musical instruments and classical music.

Then there's Maria, their innocent-looking daughter who always smiles. And last but not the least, her little brother, Robert, who is, in fact, mentally disabled.

The whole family was very happy that day. But that day was 3 years ago. Now, the world has become a dangerous place for kids to live in.
However, Robert & Maria are now going to school.

"I'm really excited about school! I wonder what it will be like.." Maria happily walked with his little brother, as they head for their school, which has a special school inside it. So there's no problem with them being separated.

Occassionaly, there would be shootouts and robberies in their place. Their mother usually gets worried, but her husband calms her down. "Kids these days....they've got good instinct, you know." He said.

Robert is a special child, not only physically or mentally, but by heart, he is. He would always smile at people, and make them smile back. Although he seldom talks, his sweet silence speaks for itself.

However, he loves being alone, and staring in blank space. Or doing some other randomly odd things. That's why his sister had to keep an eye on him all the time.

One time, Maria was playing the electric piano in their house, and she was composing her very first instrumental song. But she couldn't finish it.

"Hey Robert!"


"Can you help me here? Can you think of a good melody that goes with this one?"
And she plays the first melody she made up.

And without any word, Robert put his hands onto the piano, and started putting a melody together.

After a few minutes of playing & practicing, they finally got it. They called it "Song no. 344", since it's Robert's favorite number. But they didn't know that their dad, Ben, was watching them play from a distance. He smiled, and went outside.

"Hey Robert!"
"Try to memorize that song. It'll help if one of us gets lost."
"Just play the song, and I'll know where you are."
"Good! Now, let's do your homework!"

A few weeks later, the family went to the mall to go shopping. However, there was something bad that's going to happen.

[sound of explosion, firetrucks, people screaming & running]

There was a terrorist attack. The mall was on fire. The family almost got separated from each other. "Maria's here..but where's..."

"Oh my God! Robert!" Maria runs off looking for Robert. Her parents couldn't stop her.

Unfortunately, she didn't find him. Instead, she was found by some firemen, and was returned to her parents. No one found Robert, not the firemen, not even the police.

The family grieved, especially Maria, thinking he might have been dead. But fortunately, unknown to them, Robert survived. He was found by a young lady named Terry. Terry is a club DJ, and also a scorer. She saw the young, innocent Robert lying on the floor in the deep, dark parking area where no rescue team went.

She took the little boy home, and raised him. She was very happy, yet she wanted to find out his real parents.


Story 2 - Make it Rock (Song by Red Pulse)///

7 years have passed. The world is still a dangerous place to live in. People are still killing each other, and money is everyone's first priority.

"Make it Rock!" This was everyone's favorite line from the song of the new band in town. They were known as Silver Dawn. But little did everyone know, there are many stories behind this band.

Terry Henson is their producer. And of course, the vocalist is none other than Robert. But he was called James instead. But why?

[7 years ago]

"Hey there, what's your name?"
"Yes! Your name!"
"Hmm....very well then. I'll call you James. Is that ok?"


Robert showed no signs of autism after the explosion 7 years ago. He couldn't remember anything. But one day, he was going home. He met a mysterious man in the subway. This man wears shades, and looks extremely mysterious.

"You're Robert James, aren't you?" Asked the man.
"Yup! Sure am. Why?"
The man paused for a while, then said "You really don't remember anything, now do you?"
"Huh? What are you talking about? You don't even know me personally!"
"Oh really?" The man looked irritated. "Are you telling me that the lead vocalist of the infamous Silver Dawn doesn't have any childhood memories?"
"W-what are you saying! Of course I have..."
Suddenly, the man walks out.
"W-wait! We haven't finished talking yet! Who the heck are you anyway?"
The man looked back at him, and said "We will meet again soon. For now, think about your past. Maybe you had amnesia." Then he left.

Robert was confused. "Amnesia? B-but I remember everything! About when I was found by Terry, and how I was raised as a rock star musician and..."

A few days later, he went to a nearby park to think about some things, and write a song at the same time. There she saw a young girl on the bench, crying.

"Hey there!"
"...huh?" The girl looked at him.
"May I know why are you crying?"
"..it's because...my little brother...they say he is... alive, but...he's supposed to be.."
Robert was a little surprised. "Ah, I see. So where do you think your brother is?"
The girl looked at him again. Then she gave him a brown envelope.
"Huh? What's this for?"
But before Robert can say anything else, the girl ran away.
"W-wait! What's this enevelope for?"

When he got home, he felt even more confused about what's happening lately. "Who was that little girl? And that weird guy on the subway? They act as if they know me personally.."

He decided to open the envelope the girl have him. He was shocked at what was inside.

"T-these are...!"
Photos. Pretty little photos of the girl, and a little kid, with their parents.

"This is the little girl! And behind him is the weird guy!"

He looked on some other photos. It was his own. He was in some of the photos.
"Could these guys be..stalkers? Then again...why do they.."

There was a solo picture of a little boy, the girl's missing brother. He compared it to his photo.

"T-this can't be...! Does this mean that I....that I..!!"

Suddenly, Terry came to the room. He saw the young lad crying.

"You know, it's not really pretty for band vocalists to cry like that.."
"Yeah...! B-but...t-this!" He showed her the photos.
"Ah...this is..."
"This musy be your real family!"
"Real family? What do you mean?"
"You don't remember? I only found you in a mall explosion 7 years ago. But because I longed to have my own son...."
Robert looked at her. "Y-you?! Why did you do that? Why didn't you just turn me over? How could you be so selfish?"
"...I-I'm sorry....It's all my fault that you don't reme-"

Without any word, Terry went out of the room. Robert was still crying. But now everything made sense to him. He finally remembered everything.

The next day, he went to the instrument shop for a new keyboard. Then, he heard a melody. A sweet melody that he remembered well.

He saw a young girl playing. It was her. It was his real sister. He went to her, and finished the melody.

"Maria? I-is that you?"

"..R-robert? Y-you finally remember now!!" She hugged him so tight. "Oh my God! My brother is back! He has returned! He's not dead!!"

She was very happy, and so was Robert.She took him to their house.

"Robert! My son, you're back! You're alive!" Shouted their mother, Nicole.
"Yo Robert!" Said the father.
"H-hey wait a minute!" Robert looked at his father. "You're that guy on the subway!"
"Why yes. As a matter of fact, It was me. I was trying to make you remember."
"B-but how did you know that I'm still alive? And where I am?"
"Coincidence, perhaps?"

"But father," Maria asked. "Why isn't he autistic anymore? I mean, is he really Robert?"
Ben answered. "Why of course! It's just that..."

"Huh? What are you guys talking about?" Robert interrupted.

Ben answered the boy. "I had a chat with a fellow psychologist. He was the one who examined you a long time ago. He said that your medical condition is, by far, one of the most uncommon cases in the world. He said you have two personas living inside you: the 'unconscious', and the 'real'. It is characterized by the color of your hair."

Maria thought. "Ahh..so that's why your hair looks reddish. A long time ago, it was blue-ish."

The family greatly rejoiced for the return of their missing member. Meanwhile, there was a knock on the door. Robert opened it. It was Terry.

"Y-you? What are you doing here?"
"I wanted to apologize formally, not only to you, but to your family as well." And then, she explained everything.
"It's ok. We forgive you." Nicole said.

However, it was not the end of the story. Having another trip to the mall to celebrate their reunion, there was another incident involving more terrorists and the police. Robert was accidentally shot by a policeman, and was rushed into the hospital.

But although Robert was unconscious in the real world, he had a dream. He saw a young autistic boy sitting near the tree. He decided to talk to him.

"Hi there!"
"..huh? Who are..you?"
"I..uh...I'm you, right?"
"Me? But..we're different."
"We almost look the same, don't we?"
Robert sat with the boy.
"You know, I never understood any of this. But because of...you...I did."
The boy looked at him.
"Shall we...go together?" Robert asked.
"Yes..!" And off they went to a faraway road.

Robert awoke in the hospital. The first thing he saw was Maria, crying over him.

"...R-robert? Y-you're back! You're alive!" And with that, she hugged him.
"I....I'm back...."

Maria noticed something. Robert's hair was blue again. He had become his autistic persona again.
Meanwhile, a doctor came in the room and explained everything to them.

"Don't worry, he can switch personas. You'll see."

And so they were all very happy. As for Silver Dawn, it never broke up. Terry worked with Ben (their father) for an all new "Silver Dawn of Harmony".


Story 3 - GO! (Song by U;nee)///

Silver Dawn of Harmony. Why this name? Because they now have two main vocalists: Robert & Maria. They are now famous, having concert after concert. They also give to charities.

And now, we meet Allan Henson, Terry's brother, and self-proclaimed "prince of dance music". He has a certain obsession for Maria. He would even guest for the SDH concerts!

Maria knew what was going on, so one day, she decided to talk to Robert about what's going on.

"Aww, come on! It's just a case of falling in love and....you know! Those stuff."
"But Robert!" She sounded worried. "This is a serious thing!"
"Well yeah! But hey! It's not like he's gonna ask you to marry him..."
"What? No!! Not ever!"
"Why not? He's good. I absolutely think he's perfect for you."
"Yeah, but..."
"But what?"

Suddenly, she smiled.

"I'll tell you later. Bye for now. I've got autographs to sign, you know?" And then, she ran off.

"What the heck was that all about?" Robert was confused.

Later that night, it was blue moon. There are so many stars. Robert was alone in the upper terrace of their house. Maria came over.

"Hey Robert..."
"Yees, what is it?"
"There's something...really important I should tell you.."
"Important? Ok then, let's hear it."
"But promise me first."
"Promise you won't get mad."
"Oh ok."

Maria pulled out something from her envelope. It was her birth certificate. He showed it to Robert.

"Don't you see Robert? I'm not....I'm not your real sister!"
"..Y-your'e what?" Robert got confused, and slightly angry.

"The truth is...your real sister, Maria James, died years ago. My real name is Marina Wong. I was adopted because your parents told me that Maria's death caused you to...."

Robert was silent for a few minutes. Then he started to cry too.

"How could you...how could you do this to me? How could you pretend to be 'her'? Why didn't you tell me before?"
"I..I couldn't tell you..because you were.."
"That's enough!" And with that, he left. Maria, or rather, Marina was all alone, crying. It was still a full moon. The stars were still in the sky.

After that, she told Allan the same thing. And he said the same thing that Robert did. All Marina can do was sit in a corner and cry.

One time, her 'mother', Nicole, sat beside her. She knew what Marina said to the boys.

"You know...crying isn't gonna solve anything."
"But can I do anything? I mean, honestly! There's absolutely nothing I can do to..."
"Shh.. That's enough. They might have been angry or shocked at what you said. But soon they'll realize that it's a truth that cannot be undone. It will take some time before they do."

'Don't lose hope'. This was the phrase Marina had in mind for the whole week. After a few days, Robert finally talked to her.

"You know, at first I couldn't believe what you just said. At first, I was kinda shocked at the whole thing. But now, it made sense to me."
Marina finally smiled, and hugged him.

"So now that I know that we're not siblings...."
Robert pulls out a red rose from behind. "Will you...will you be my girlfriend instead?"
Marina was surprised. Her eyes were filled with tears. "Yes yes!" She eagerly said.

What they didn't know, Ben was spying on them.

"What a perfect happy ending...for such a odd fairytale." Then he magically disappeared.

Who exactly is he? Well, we don't need to know that. All that matters now is Robert & Marina found each other.

"Maria....I hope you're watching. I'm happy now. Thank you."


>>THE END!!<<


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