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.hack//FATE: Vol. 1 - Reason

Volume 1 - "REASON"

Original Story Based from .hack by Bandai Visual
by Kristel "Kazaki" Cuadra

[Part 1]

--Continued from .hack//Police---

After this notorious PK Data Drained her, she was unconscious for a few minutes in the real world. Her character disappeared.
When she woke up and logged in, she was surprised that everything--from her e-mails, member addresses, in-game items and stuff, are all gone! Her PC has been reformatted!
She asked around for help, but no one would believe her, and called her a noob. How sad.
All she could do was cry. She went to the Alchemy District by herself.

Meanwhile, she was found by a handsome-looking player named Rhein, a Blade Brandier.

"Hey there! Why are you sad?"
"Y-you see....my...character..."
"Huh? You're character looks fine to me."
"My character's....been reformatted...to level 1...!!"
"W-what? R-really? You mean you're not a noob?"
"Yeah! They won't believe me.."
"H-how could that happen? Maybe that's some kind of data anomaly....or virus!! You'll have to tell CC Corp about it!"
"I already asked an admin guy." She said. "He just ignored me."
"Aww, that's bad! Is there something I can do to help? Maybe I can help you level up again!"
Kiori finally smiled. "...gee..thanks...! Thanks a lot...uhm..."
"My name? My name is Rhein. I'm a Blade Brandier. I help out noobs and give them tutorials! Nice to meet you! What's your name?"
"Kiori. Edge Punisher. I was a former Kestrel member, but I never PKed. I went for the System Police job quest, and succeeded. But now...it's all gone..."
"System Police job class, eh? Don't worry! I'll help you get your job back! We'll just get us some party members, that all! Come with me, for an adventure!"
"You mean, now? As in now?"
"Yeah! We'll go to Δ Growing Verse's Mind Trip. A very nice place for leveling up. ^_^"

And so they went adventuring. They had so much fun. It is also there where Kiori told Rhein about her time in Kestrel, and her friend, Alex, is comatose in the real world, because he didn't survive the data drain.
On the other hand, Rhein is the player behind the legendary player Toshida, during the R:1 days. It was his brother's PC, and was entrusted to him before his brother died in a car accident. And now, he plays The World, hoping to feel the presence of his brother once again, just like in the R:1 days.

After the adventure, they meet Frad, Alex's buddy. "K-kiori? Y-you're allright? But your job class....."
"Yeah...my PC's been reformated. I don't know why. It must've been that PKer who PKed me.."
"You mean that AI that Data Drained you?"
"Data Drain? What's that?"
"It's a special kind of attack where you can drain out another player/monster, or anything else's data in The World. Do you remember the legendary Kite?"
"..Oh yeah! That guy in orange!" Kiori saw him during her time in R:1, using her character Mei-chin.
Rhein knew him too. "You mean THAT guy? The guy with a bracelet? So THAT was Data Drain."
"Yes, that's right. However, only special characters can use that. For example, here in R:2, we have the legendary Infinity Eight. The ones with Avatars. Look, I'll just explain it to you via e-mail. See ya!"
And with that, Frad gated out.
"W-wait!" Kiori didn't catch him.
"Who's that guy? Friend of yours?"
"Well...a friend of my friend."
"Hey, I know! Why don't we start a guild! We can gather strong players by that!"
"Actually... I had that in mind. Let's give it a try! But who can be the guild master? And what should we name it?"
"Hmm....I know! Go contact that friend of yours. I bet he knows a lot of stuff about The World."
"Ok then. See ya! ^_^"

Kiori then checked her e-mail. There was a message from Frad.
Hey there! Do you want to know about the Infinity Eight?

They are, well, special players who worked under Project G.U. to investigate a data anomaly known as AIDA.
They are able to summon an entity known as an Avatar. Normal players like us can't see those.
The players were Haseo, Atoli, Kuhn, Yata, Sakubo, Endrance, Pi, and Ovan.
Their avatars' names were Skeith, Innis, Magus, Fidchell, Gorre, Macha, Tarvos and Corbenik respectively.
The Infinity Eight were also the ones who destroyed AIDA and Cubia, with help from all of The World.

These 8 Avatars were based from the legendary poem known as "Epitaph of Twilight", and this poem was also the basis for the setting for The World R:1.
According to my research, as well as information from my good friend, Yata, about wandering AI's that resemble the Avatars. One time, an AI fused with my character, and I felt tremendous power when I was about to fight a boss monster. And that was on soloing!
That power made my appearance fuse together witht that of the AI, and I resembled the Avatar Fidchell, which is also Yata's Avatar. After the battle, he unfused with me, and said "call me if you need me...".

Yata gave that 'power' a name: "Epitaph's Copy". Why 'copy'? Because this power is like a copy of the original Infinity Eight's. He had detected 7 more users who are more likely to be fused with the 7 remaining AI's.
Among them are you, and your friend I met earlier. That Blade Brandier guy.

For that, I want you to make a guild that could call upon the remaining 'chosen ones'. I'll be waiting at the Chaos Gate in Mac Anu. Your friend said he'd be there.
Thanks for reading. See you there!


PS. I also sent this to Rhein. So don't bother explaining it to him anymore. =)

"What a looooong, and informative e-mail!! Allright, I better log in."

At the Chaos gate....

"Hey Kiori!" Rhein was waiting.
"Oh, hi..Rhein...! "
Frad spoke. "So...shall we begin the guild?"
"Yeah! Let's do it!"
And so it happened. They signed in for a guild.
"What should we name our guild?" Asked Rhein.
"Uhmm...let's see..." Kiori thought deeply. "Frad did say to make a guild with the hopes of getting all other PC with Epitaph's copy..."
Suddenly, she shouted. "I know! FATE!!"
The two boys were shocked. "Fate?"
"Yeah! FATE!! F-A-T-E!! For All The Epitaphs!!"
"Y-you mean, this is just a guild for Epitaph Copy PC's?"
"Uhm....not really. This will be a guild not just for them, but also for those who have information, or are interested about Epitaphs! I read that Epitaph poem thingy yesterday, you know!"
"Y-you read it? You mean it's still posted there?" said Frad. "I thought it was gone..."
"No, not on the net. I found my sister's notebook where it's written."
"Wow." Frad was amazed. "To think you were just a hyperactive System Police wannabe. You also know a lot. On top of that, you've got lots of luck!"

And so after a few days, they got an @Home. Kiori was the guild master. She couldn't believe it. The grunty was soooo cute! She would always hug the grunty!

"Allright!" Rhein said. "Now it's time to recruit!"
"Yeah!" Said Kiori. "But how and where do we start?"
"We shall start by finding us some possible "Candidates" for Epitaph Copy PC's, or EPC for short." Frad said. "I'll ask Yata about some more information. In the meantime, Kiori.."
"Go level up with Rhein. It might help you."
"Ok. Thanks!"

Rhein once again took Kiori for leveling up at Δ Dawning Frisson's Entity, where they met a girl, with black hair and black-and-white-themed character design.
"Hi there! I'm Edia! A Flick Reaper!"
They introduce themselves as well.
"I usually go soloing. I wanted to join a guild, but it's so hard to choose! I don't wanna be bossed around, but I don't want to have too much responsibilities!"
"Then why don't you join our own guild?" Said Rhein, as he gives her a guest key.
"I'll try! I must have a look at your guild first."
"Then why don't you come with us?" Said Kiori.
"Uhm....not now. You see....I've got stuff to do after this."
"Allright then! See you sometime!" Kiori and Rhein warped back.

[end of part 1]

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