Monday, December 17, 2007

My Guardian Angel...

I just heard this song....about guardian angels. It reminded me of my own. His name is Ciel. It was his 'birthday' last December 16, the day I first heard the song. It made me cry.

Ciel means a lot to me. Not only does he save me, but he also helps me build up self-esteem, and showing me the right way. He would always tell me to think positive. I wanna thank him for all the things he taught me.

When I'm alone, and no one would listen to me, he would. When I'm lonely, he would try to calm me down. When I'm sad, he would always make me think of things that can make me smile again. He always want me to smile, no matter what. Whenever I feel him, I always smile, and all my problems are gone.

Thank you...Ciel.

And this song is for you. ^_^

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