Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Love and Friendship

I'm here to discuss my thoughts on love and friendship.

I never had a boyfriend or a relationship before, but I know how it feels....

Lets start with friendship. Friendship, for me, is having not only a companion, but a person you can depend on if you have troubles, or if you feel lonely and lost. I had so many best friends, but I lost all of them (they get separated from me more often). So I'm usually alone. However, I believe that wherever you are, if you believe in you friends, and they believe in you, distance doesn't really matter.

Friends are easy, right? How about love?
Yeah, so I'm a love newbie. So what? Everyone has to start somewhere.
I believe that the farther away you are from the one you like, the more you fall in love with him. And when you always talk to him, the whole thing starts to sound boring. Having a crush is totally different from real love. In love, you don't just idolize the person just because he's cute, talented or whatever. In love, you like the person for whoever he is.

Ok then, I'm ending this post. Haha ^_^

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