Saturday, June 9, 2007

.hack//G.U. Mode

Currently, I'm addicted to the .hack//G.U. series on the PS2. I now finished Vol. 1// Rebirth and Vol. 2// Reminisce, while waiting for Vol. 3//Redemption.

The .hack series are all about this online game called "The World" [which uses some sort of virtual reality system that lets the player experience the game in a whole new dimension]. But in some cases, The World also contain bugs and errors, that affect the players in the real world....

.hack//GU happens to be the continuation of .hack//Roots. ^^

In .hack//GU, our main character is Haseo, an Adept Rogue, who wants to avenge his friend, Shino, who was PK'ed [player killed] by "Tri-edge", but he fails to do so, ending up with his character being reduced from level 133 to level 1....

On his journey levelling up back, he meets new friends, and learns many things from them. Also, he discovers that his player character is somewhat "special"...

There's also a special OVA in the game called "Online Jack" which you can access by browsing the News Capture section. It's a news team, hosted by Salvador Aihara, wherein they investigate "Doll Syndrome", a mysterious disease that threatens the life of elementary students. A series of events and investigation leads them to where the answer might be: The World.

Anways, it's got awesome graphics, story, music, and gameplay. I loved it right from the first .hack series on TV [.hack//SIGN and .hack//Legend of the Twilight]; I recommend it for those sci-fi lovers and hardcore gamers out there. ^_^

Note: CyberConnect2, the company responsible for .hack//GU, also made some Naruto games. This is why Haseo resembles Sasuke, and Kite [from the previous 4-part .hack games], resembles Naruto. ^^

till then~

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