Wednesday, May 9, 2007

[RESOLVED!] Looking for Someone

I read this interesting story about Beethoven...
...and well, does anyone know about the author of the story...his name is Simon Reis, and I like the story he wrote...He inspired me to do more sequels of my V3 fanfics Anyone know about him and where in the net to find him? *sigh*

If you know about him, please respond please please!! T_T
I'm really desperate on looking for him here on the net T_T


I finnally got in contact with him! Thanks to his friend, and because he sent me an e-mail!! xDD Thanks a lot!!

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We know Simon said...

I know SImon Reis! I live with him. He's 20 now. The same one that wrote colors of a champion! Wow. Do you still want to contact him? Let me know