Monday, April 30, 2007

The End of Summer?

So summer really almost over? It's May tomorrow and I'll be enrolling for Enverga University on May 7...
I don't think I wanna leave childhood just like that...I'm still a kid... -__-

Anyways, I'm still composing and making stories and drawing...the usual, before summer vacation is over [insert KH2 scene: when Roxas 'merges' with Sora --"Sora, you're lucky. Looks like my summer vacation is...over." ---] XD
Ahaha I still can't believe I finished KH2 all by myself! XD

I'm into J-pop/J-rock composing these days, and guess what? I'm going back to song lyrics making! XD The things me & my cousins do...write lyrics and put melodies on them. =3 Some people are even confused with what I'm really good at. Whether it is music, arts, writing, english....the answer to that is.... I DON'T KNOW. I really don't know what I'm really good at, so I'll give Computer Science a shot, since all of my interests are computer-related XD

My newest song, One day: I was inspired by somebody that I want to meet.....someday.... [for my friends, I think I already told you =P]

Onto the O2Jam stuff. I've been practicing sooo hard, and now I can do level up to level 12 songs on X3 speed....but I'm still weak O_O... However, 2 songs [Go Hell NX3-lvl 13 and Red Sign NX3-lvl 15] were exceptions...coz I can clear them! XDD

That's it for now... :) J'ane ~! XD

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