Monday, April 30, 2007

The End of Summer?

So summer really almost over? It's May tomorrow and I'll be enrolling for Enverga University on May 7...
I don't think I wanna leave childhood just like that...I'm still a kid... -__-

Anyways, I'm still composing and making stories and drawing...the usual, before summer vacation is over [insert KH2 scene: when Roxas 'merges' with Sora --"Sora, you're lucky. Looks like my summer vacation is...over." ---] XD
Ahaha I still can't believe I finished KH2 all by myself! XD

I'm into J-pop/J-rock composing these days, and guess what? I'm going back to song lyrics making! XD The things me & my cousins do...write lyrics and put melodies on them. =3 Some people are even confused with what I'm really good at. Whether it is music, arts, writing, english....the answer to that is.... I DON'T KNOW. I really don't know what I'm really good at, so I'll give Computer Science a shot, since all of my interests are computer-related XD

My newest song, One day: I was inspired by somebody that I want to meet.....someday.... [for my friends, I think I already told you =P]

Onto the O2Jam stuff. I've been practicing sooo hard, and now I can do level up to level 12 songs on X3 speed....but I'm still weak O_O... However, 2 songs [Go Hell NX3-lvl 13 and Red Sign NX3-lvl 15] were exceptions...coz I can clear them! XDD

That's it for now... :) J'ane ~! XD

Saturday, April 28, 2007

.:Muzique Mania! || Wanted List:.

This chapter of my life will be entitled "Muzique Mania!" because this is the age where I dive myself to play O2Jam and all related music stuff...composing..etc...
I've been playing O2Jam and composing my original songs using FL Studio 7....

And for something 'weird' to post, here's my 'wanted' list: basically those people I wanna meet/ see in the real world, be with... etc.. XD

.:WANTED LIST:. [edited 07/27/07]

written by Kristel "Kazaki" Cuadra : "The Dreamer"


Justin "DJ Zyroblaze" Suico : "The Breakdancer"

- My O2Jam friend. He's an awesome player, and composer too.

Ludwig Van Beethoven : "The Composer"

- My classical music idol. I sure wish he was here...

Krizza "Kaoru Hanatsuki" Labita : "The Flower"

- My best friend in 10th grade...

Louisse "Jou-chan Himura" Young : "The Inside Goth"

- My deviantART best friend. Although we live very far away, we both dream of meeting each other someday... She's an awesome artist!

Akira Tomosuke : "The Kid"

- O2Jam PH O2SE (O2 Sound Engineer). He's an awesome O2 friend and composer who has a heart of a young kid. ^_^

Pory : "The Trancer"

- Korean O2Jam comoser...and a great singer/artist ^_^

Louie "Biik[?]" Albina : "The Biik"

- My childhood 'crush' and friend... O_O

Angelo "Spyed/Razer Winged Maelstrom" Sotira : "The Black Ninja"

- Co-Admin of deviantART. He's a very nice guy. ^_^

Allison "Manga Punk Sai" Carmichael : "The Purple Thing"

- Former deviantART gallery director. Let's just say she taught me something hit directly in my face XD

Kaze.O2SE : "The Idol"

- Korean O2Jam Artist and composer. Ishuda's idol. ^_^

Melissa "Dia-Aren-Marie" Cabral : "The Cutie"

- My deviantART friend...she's nice ^_^

Luigi "Moody Angst" Serran : "The Emo Freak"

- Also my deviantART best friend. He's funny but emotional. ^_^

Julius Cada : "The Poet"

- The guy who loves me... O_O

Simon Reis : "The Boy"

- The canadian writer I want to meet. He wrote a Beethoven fantasy story...that's how it all began...

Lorenzo "Ishuda-kun" Artigas : "The Rocker"

- My O2Jam Best friend, and teh coolest composer. Rock on! \m/

Arianne "Rein" Baldiviano : "The Reason"

- My cousin. She may be gone but I will live her dream of music! ^_^

Jean Yllan "Jollibee" Catalla : "The Fashonista"

- My childhood best friend since kinder. We still make the best of friends though were from different schools. ^_^

Ram "Trix" Pureza : "The Photographer"

- My friend who I met in the Journalism Seminar [CEGP/College Editors Guild of the Philippines] in Fresh Air Hotel & Resort in Lucena City. Funny and nice ^_^

Sharisse Almoro : "The Fighter"

- My cousin. Also a part of our proposed band. We're very close to each other since childhood.

Lance Almoro : "The Animé Lover"

- My cousin who's an avid Naruto and anime fan. He loves video games too. ^_^

SHK (So hyung kim [?]) : "Trial and Error"

- O2Jam Composer. I like his works ^_^

Bassem "DV81 / Bass" Hassan : "The Sci-fi Lover"

- The most awesome dA artist ever! I love his digital works XD

Kathleen Mae "KM" Talusig : "The Sporty"

- My friend in 10th grade.

The "4 Keys"

-4 people I want to meet (Simon included ^^)
I wont mention their names lol....

My Enverga University friends/classmates: Jason, Shiela, CanDiss, Jessica, Jonathan, Harold, Caselyn, Pauline, Jake, Christian, Phillip, Jobelle, Kris, RJ, Camille, Rafael.....and many many more...too many to mention XD ^_^

See ya! ^_^

First Post || All About Me

Hi Everyone! I'm Kristel a.k.a. Kazaki... and this is my first post... ^_^

I'm just a simple 15 year old girl going off to college this june...I like composing & listening to music. My fave genres are Ballad, Classical, Emo Rock, Techno, Trance, J-pop, K-pop...anything that sounds good. I also play online games like O2Jam, and enjoy it with my online friends ^_^

Here are my compositions and remakes/remixes...

I also like to draw, especially anime, games and my original characters. I also write fantasy stories and make them too ^_^ I watch TV especially anime and fantasy shows ^_^

Here are my artworks...

That's it for now, bye! ^_^