Friday, December 28, 2007

2GDR 4EVR - After 3 Years...

Christmas, December 25, was only an ordinary day for me that day. I never had gifts, and my brother is in the hospital, and I'm longing to see my cousin who I haven't seen in 3 years. But after that, it seems all of my wishes came true...

I finally met my cousin!! Thanks be to God! Thanks Ciel~! ^_^
He reminds me of Simon Reis XDD

Monday, December 17, 2007

My Guardian Angel...

I just heard this song....about guardian angels. It reminded me of my own. His name is Ciel. It was his 'birthday' last December 16, the day I first heard the song. It made me cry.

Ciel means a lot to me. Not only does he save me, but he also helps me build up self-esteem, and showing me the right way. He would always tell me to think positive. I wanna thank him for all the things he taught me.

When I'm alone, and no one would listen to me, he would. When I'm lonely, he would try to calm me down. When I'm sad, he would always make me think of things that can make me smile again. He always want me to smile, no matter what. Whenever I feel him, I always smile, and all my problems are gone.

Thank you...Ciel.

And this song is for you. ^_^

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Love and Friendship

I'm here to discuss my thoughts on love and friendship.

I never had a boyfriend or a relationship before, but I know how it feels....

Lets start with friendship. Friendship, for me, is having not only a companion, but a person you can depend on if you have troubles, or if you feel lonely and lost. I had so many best friends, but I lost all of them (they get separated from me more often). So I'm usually alone. However, I believe that wherever you are, if you believe in you friends, and they believe in you, distance doesn't really matter.

Friends are easy, right? How about love?
Yeah, so I'm a love newbie. So what? Everyone has to start somewhere.
I believe that the farther away you are from the one you like, the more you fall in love with him. And when you always talk to him, the whole thing starts to sound boring. Having a crush is totally different from real love. In love, you don't just idolize the person just because he's cute, talented or whatever. In love, you like the person for whoever he is.

Ok then, I'm ending this post. Haha ^_^

Saturday, November 17, 2007

What is true happiness?

Well, it seems like my classmates, "Merle's Brigade", well, I got separated from them, because of our different courses But, I have new friends too, so I won't be feeling lonely. But still.....

What do you do when you don't know what to do? Well, the answer: you do something. Like, think. Think, think think. Let your imagination flow. Let your soul free. Who knows - you might be able to create some weird idea.

I'm now practicing writing, and rewiewing. So excuse me for the formal entry. ^^;

I missed O2Jam, so I re-installed it. I'm now having problems regarding disk space, so I only use soundfonts and waves in Fl Studio. However, we have a new video card, as well as a faster internet connection! Hurray~!

I finished .hack//G.U. vol. 3 redemption, and crazed over a .hack forums site. Finally, I can share my thoughts with .hack to the world!

And recently, I had this bright idea. I wonder if Ginban Kaleidoscope can have a Ps2 Game? More like, a dance sim game, where you hit buttons as Tazusa & Pete make their performances. Sounds cute, right?

Right now, I'm thinking of making a dance video with my cousins. We're going to dance Urzsula Dudziak's "Payaya", popularized here in the Philippines by Edu Manzano, host of Game KNB. We're gonna make an entry, and hopefully win. Hehe =)

Well, that's it for now.

My dear Philippines, magpakabait ka ha? Hehe =)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Another new post...

Here comes another post!

OMG Ginban Kaleidoscope has come to its final episode! T_T I'll really miss it... XD But anyways, it helped me realize some things about my personality. ^_^ Everytime I think about GK, I always smile! XD

Right now I'm enjoying being a college student at Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation, Lucena City, Philippines. College IS way better than high school because of the free time and stuff.

I also feel sorry for the death of Cris Anthony Mendez, the UP student who was killed by fraternity hazing... It's so sad...

Friday, July 27, 2007

Ginban Kaleidoscope!!

Yay!! My newest fave anime!! ^_^

16-year old Sakurano Tazusa is a Japanese figure ice-skater who considers herself to be worth $10 billion in beauty. While executing her moves in the Women's Figure Skating Grand Prix, she stumbled and landed badly, hence resulting in her loss in the competition. At the same time, in the same city, a Canadian youth by the name of Pete Pumps was performing an air stunt when his plane crashes and he dies. Tazusa starts to hear a strange voices and realises that the Canadian ghost now resides in her body. After futile attempts to get rid of Pete, Tazusa decides to get accustomed to his presence and in the meantime, improve on her techniques in order to get selected for the Olympics.

Do you guys know why I love this anime?
It's because Tazusa Sakurano looks A LOT like my anime version~

And Pete Pumps looks like my guardian angel, Ciel ~

And there are also LOADS of similarities in this show to my life! Well, except for the figure-skating part ^^;

Plus++ I love the OP song ("Dual" by YeLLOW Generation) and the ED song ("Energy" by Marina Inoue)


So...that's my current fave for now. WEE!! ^_^ XDDD

Saturday, June 9, 2007

.hack//G.U. Mode

Currently, I'm addicted to the .hack//G.U. series on the PS2. I now finished Vol. 1// Rebirth and Vol. 2// Reminisce, while waiting for Vol. 3//Redemption.

The .hack series are all about this online game called "The World" [which uses some sort of virtual reality system that lets the player experience the game in a whole new dimension]. But in some cases, The World also contain bugs and errors, that affect the players in the real world....

.hack//GU happens to be the continuation of .hack//Roots. ^^

In .hack//GU, our main character is Haseo, an Adept Rogue, who wants to avenge his friend, Shino, who was PK'ed [player killed] by "Tri-edge", but he fails to do so, ending up with his character being reduced from level 133 to level 1....

On his journey levelling up back, he meets new friends, and learns many things from them. Also, he discovers that his player character is somewhat "special"...

There's also a special OVA in the game called "Online Jack" which you can access by browsing the News Capture section. It's a news team, hosted by Salvador Aihara, wherein they investigate "Doll Syndrome", a mysterious disease that threatens the life of elementary students. A series of events and investigation leads them to where the answer might be: The World.

Anways, it's got awesome graphics, story, music, and gameplay. I loved it right from the first .hack series on TV [.hack//SIGN and .hack//Legend of the Twilight]; I recommend it for those sci-fi lovers and hardcore gamers out there. ^_^

Note: CyberConnect2, the company responsible for .hack//GU, also made some Naruto games. This is why Haseo resembles Sasuke, and Kite [from the previous 4-part .hack games], resembles Naruto. ^^

till then~

"Kia Archold // Azure Violet // The Dreamer"

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Election 2007 || College

Yepee! I'm going to college! I'm kinda nervous since It's my 1st time. I enrolled at Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation, in Lucena City, since they offered me a full-time scholarship because I was the class valedictorian. ^_^

I asked my friends about college life, and they said that it's a LOT better than High School, because you get to meet different people, and you sorta won't feel alone and there's no discrimination thingy; unlike in my HS days-- I was the ONLY Weirdo .... XD for the 2007 Philippine Elections....and err.....I'm with G.O. (Genuine Opposition), because I want "changes" in our government. I'm gonna be a voter after 3 years yepee! XDD

If I were to vote now, I'd probably vote for:

From G.O. (Genuine Opposition) - Chiz Escudero, Alan Cayetano,Noynoy Aquino, Ping Lacson, Manny Villar, Antonio Trillanes IV, Loren Legarda...

From Independent - Kiko Pangilinan, Gringo Honasan...

From T.U. (TEAM Unity) - Ed Angara, Prospero Pichay, Vic Magsaysay, Migz Zubiri...

Err..sorry if this is offensive... ^^;

Oh and BTW, watch out for my new set of songs... I'm gonna sing! With my cousins! Wheee~! XDD

That's all! J'ane~

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

[RESOLVED!] Looking for Someone

I read this interesting story about Beethoven...
...and well, does anyone know about the author of the story...his name is Simon Reis, and I like the story he wrote...He inspired me to do more sequels of my V3 fanfics Anyone know about him and where in the net to find him? *sigh*

If you know about him, please respond please please!! T_T
I'm really desperate on looking for him here on the net T_T


I finnally got in contact with him! Thanks to his friend, and because he sent me an e-mail!! xDD Thanks a lot!!

Read More

Saturday, May 5, 2007


Again I've encountered my musical inspiration--in my dream! Yep that's right! I had a dream of Ludwig van Beethoven! O_O XDD He was with me on a trip, in our jeep...he stared at me, and suddenly, he laughed like an idiot -_-;;;
ROFL that's sooooo cute XDDD so I laughed too =P Oh and did I mention Barry Manilow resembles him? C'mon~ that look and all...musician =3 XDD

Anyways, here's my drawing X3 hope you guys like it :D

Beethoven by ~kazaki03 on deviantART

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Zzzleepy Summer

I've been to Laguna for my cousin's birthday, and swimming blowout. But I had some sort of accident on the pool T_T
It was the pain in hell O_O... but luckilly it's not that serious, or is it? XD
Anyways, enjoyed the rest of the afternoon, went home...zzleeepy, just enough time to check out Ishuda-Kun's rap trial on his new song XDDDD U rock Ishuda-kun !! =3

Here are the pics...

Song(s) of the day: Air on a G String- Bach [remix by pory], Because...-Knuckle Joe, My Confessions [kahit ala pang lyrics]- Ishuda-Kun

Monday, April 30, 2007

The End of Summer?

So summer really almost over? It's May tomorrow and I'll be enrolling for Enverga University on May 7...
I don't think I wanna leave childhood just like that...I'm still a kid... -__-

Anyways, I'm still composing and making stories and drawing...the usual, before summer vacation is over [insert KH2 scene: when Roxas 'merges' with Sora --"Sora, you're lucky. Looks like my summer vacation is...over." ---] XD
Ahaha I still can't believe I finished KH2 all by myself! XD

I'm into J-pop/J-rock composing these days, and guess what? I'm going back to song lyrics making! XD The things me & my cousins do...write lyrics and put melodies on them. =3 Some people are even confused with what I'm really good at. Whether it is music, arts, writing, english....the answer to that is.... I DON'T KNOW. I really don't know what I'm really good at, so I'll give Computer Science a shot, since all of my interests are computer-related XD

My newest song, One day: I was inspired by somebody that I want to meet.....someday.... [for my friends, I think I already told you =P]

Onto the O2Jam stuff. I've been practicing sooo hard, and now I can do level up to level 12 songs on X3 speed....but I'm still weak O_O... However, 2 songs [Go Hell NX3-lvl 13 and Red Sign NX3-lvl 15] were exceptions...coz I can clear them! XDD

That's it for now... :) J'ane ~! XD

Saturday, April 28, 2007

.:Muzique Mania! || Wanted List:.

This chapter of my life will be entitled "Muzique Mania!" because this is the age where I dive myself to play O2Jam and all related music stuff...composing..etc...
I've been playing O2Jam and composing my original songs using FL Studio 7....

And for something 'weird' to post, here's my 'wanted' list: basically those people I wanna meet/ see in the real world, be with... etc.. XD

.:WANTED LIST:. [edited 07/27/07]

written by Kristel "Kazaki" Cuadra : "The Dreamer"


Justin "DJ Zyroblaze" Suico : "The Breakdancer"

- My O2Jam friend. He's an awesome player, and composer too.

Ludwig Van Beethoven : "The Composer"

- My classical music idol. I sure wish he was here...

Krizza "Kaoru Hanatsuki" Labita : "The Flower"

- My best friend in 10th grade...

Louisse "Jou-chan Himura" Young : "The Inside Goth"

- My deviantART best friend. Although we live very far away, we both dream of meeting each other someday... She's an awesome artist!

Akira Tomosuke : "The Kid"

- O2Jam PH O2SE (O2 Sound Engineer). He's an awesome O2 friend and composer who has a heart of a young kid. ^_^

Pory : "The Trancer"

- Korean O2Jam comoser...and a great singer/artist ^_^

Louie "Biik[?]" Albina : "The Biik"

- My childhood 'crush' and friend... O_O

Angelo "Spyed/Razer Winged Maelstrom" Sotira : "The Black Ninja"

- Co-Admin of deviantART. He's a very nice guy. ^_^

Allison "Manga Punk Sai" Carmichael : "The Purple Thing"

- Former deviantART gallery director. Let's just say she taught me something hit directly in my face XD

Kaze.O2SE : "The Idol"

- Korean O2Jam Artist and composer. Ishuda's idol. ^_^

Melissa "Dia-Aren-Marie" Cabral : "The Cutie"

- My deviantART friend...she's nice ^_^

Luigi "Moody Angst" Serran : "The Emo Freak"

- Also my deviantART best friend. He's funny but emotional. ^_^

Julius Cada : "The Poet"

- The guy who loves me... O_O

Simon Reis : "The Boy"

- The canadian writer I want to meet. He wrote a Beethoven fantasy story...that's how it all began...

Lorenzo "Ishuda-kun" Artigas : "The Rocker"

- My O2Jam Best friend, and teh coolest composer. Rock on! \m/

Arianne "Rein" Baldiviano : "The Reason"

- My cousin. She may be gone but I will live her dream of music! ^_^

Jean Yllan "Jollibee" Catalla : "The Fashonista"

- My childhood best friend since kinder. We still make the best of friends though were from different schools. ^_^

Ram "Trix" Pureza : "The Photographer"

- My friend who I met in the Journalism Seminar [CEGP/College Editors Guild of the Philippines] in Fresh Air Hotel & Resort in Lucena City. Funny and nice ^_^

Sharisse Almoro : "The Fighter"

- My cousin. Also a part of our proposed band. We're very close to each other since childhood.

Lance Almoro : "The Animé Lover"

- My cousin who's an avid Naruto and anime fan. He loves video games too. ^_^

SHK (So hyung kim [?]) : "Trial and Error"

- O2Jam Composer. I like his works ^_^

Bassem "DV81 / Bass" Hassan : "The Sci-fi Lover"

- The most awesome dA artist ever! I love his digital works XD

Kathleen Mae "KM" Talusig : "The Sporty"

- My friend in 10th grade.

The "4 Keys"

-4 people I want to meet (Simon included ^^)
I wont mention their names lol....

My Enverga University friends/classmates: Jason, Shiela, CanDiss, Jessica, Jonathan, Harold, Caselyn, Pauline, Jake, Christian, Phillip, Jobelle, Kris, RJ, Camille, Rafael.....and many many more...too many to mention XD ^_^

See ya! ^_^

First Post || All About Me

Hi Everyone! I'm Kristel a.k.a. Kazaki... and this is my first post... ^_^

I'm just a simple 15 year old girl going off to college this june...I like composing & listening to music. My fave genres are Ballad, Classical, Emo Rock, Techno, Trance, J-pop, K-pop...anything that sounds good. I also play online games like O2Jam, and enjoy it with my online friends ^_^

Here are my compositions and remakes/remixes...

I also like to draw, especially anime, games and my original characters. I also write fantasy stories and make them too ^_^ I watch TV especially anime and fantasy shows ^_^

Here are my artworks...

That's it for now, bye! ^_^